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Conservation | Clothes Washers
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Clothes Washers

Washing clothes involves three factors: mechanical, chemical and thermal. That's a fancy way of saying that we usually get our clothes clean by scrubbing them with soap or detergent in warm or hot water. A clothes washer does that automatically, so we don't have to go down to the river and beat our sheets and towels on flat rocks. The most common type of clothes washer in the United States loads from the top and uses an agitator to supply the scrubbing. In most cases, this is neither the best way to do the cleaning nor the most environmentally sound way either.

Fortunately, new resource efficient clothes washers are now available and Seattle City Light customers can receive up to $100 in WashWise rebates from the utility on a qualifying purchase. Plus, the state is offering a $100 rebate for qualifying clothes washers through its Cash for Appliances program. The great news is that you may be eligible for both rebates on qualified clothes washers. More information.

Even better than the rebate, your machine will provide many benefits, including:
  • washing in cooler water whenever possible
  • trying to wash full loads or setting the water level appropriate to the size of your load
  • using detergents that contain no phosphates
For more information from Seattle City Light on appliances, please e-mail or call 206.684.3800.
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