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Conservation - Refrigerator recycling

Refrigerator Recycling Rebate

You get $30.
We haul it away for free.
You save up to $150 per year on your utility bill

Older refrigerators and freezers can use 3–4 times more electricity than newer ones, significantly running up your electric bill.

You qualify for the free haul–away service and $30 rebate if you are a Seattle City Light customer and your refrigerator or freezer:
  • Is clean and in working condition
  • Is residential in style and between 10 and 30 cubic feet
  • Was manufactured before 2001
  • Is owned by the rebate recipient (limit 2 rebates per address)
  • You are not using this service to fulfill the recycling requirement for Seattle City Light's Energy Star refrigerator replacement rebate
For more information, please see our FAQ

To schedule your free pick-up call 206-233-COLD (2653), or sign-up online.

NOTE: If you have applied for or received Seattle City Light's $50 Energy Star refrigerator replacement rebate, you are not eligible for the $30 recycling rebate for your primary refrigerator. The rebates may not be combined.

Check out how much your old refrigerator is costing you. Go to the ENERGY STAR savings calculator and type your utility rate ($.1071 per kWh for most City Light customers).

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