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Multifamily Weatherization Program

Seattle City Light’s Multifamily Weatherization program offers incentives for window retrofits and insulation upgrades for owners of apartment buildings, condominiums, retirement communities, or cooperatives with 5+ units located in the Seattle City Light service area.

Incentive Amounts

    Existing condition   Post-
Measure Building  Panes   Frame    U-factor    Incentive (/sf)
Windows All Single Any 0.30 $6.00
0.22 $8.00
Double Metal 0.30 $6.00
0.22 $8.00

Measure Building Assembly   R-value     R-value   Incentive (/sf)
Insulation 1 to 3 floors Attic R19 R49 $0.75
Wall R0 R11 $0.75
Floor R11 R30 $0.75
4+ floors Attic R5 R49 $0.75
Wall R5 R11 $0.75

Measure Building Existing condition Post-construction Incentive (/door)
Exterior     doors 1 to 3 floors Substandard door (contract program representative) Energy Star certified $40.00

  • Window replacement: $8 per square foot when replacing single-pane (or double-pane metal frame) windows/patio doors with 0.22 U-factor windows or better. $6 per square foot when replacing single-pane (or double-pane metal frame) windows/patio doors with 0.30 U-factor windows or better.
  • Insulation: $0.75 per square foot.
  • Exterior insulated doors: $40 per door. Must be Energy Star qualified.
  • Custom incentives may be available for in-unit ventilation, common area HVAC, and electric hot water systems.
  • Contact a City Light Energy Advisor for details on project eligibility.

Program Eligibility

  • Building must:
    • Be an apartment building, condominium, retirement community, or cooperative with 5+ units
    • Be located in the Seattle City Light service area
    • Have permanently installed electric heat (resistance, heat pump) as its primary heat source
    • Meet existing window/insulation eligibility conditions to qualify for incentives
  • City Light Participation Agreement must be in place prior to start of work

  • NOTE: Incentives will not be paid for any work done prior to having an executed Participation Agreement between SCL and the Customer in place. If you have bids but have not yet started work, please contact City Light immediately to determine program eligibility.

How to Participate

  1. Contact a City Light Energy Advisor, or fill out an online application to learn more about the program, connect with the program representative, and see if your building is eligible.
  2. Complete the Multifamily Weatherization Program application and return to a City Light Energy Advisor or program representative.
  3. Contact contractors to discuss your project and receive bids. Review bids and select a contractor.
  4. Complete the Project Info sheet of the Multifamily Weatherization Program workbook and return to a City Light Energy Advisor or program representative along with project documentation showing the bid details. Your contractor may be able to help you complete the project details.
  5. Contact a City Light Energy Advisor or program representative to determine if a pre-construction site visit is needed. Schedule a site visit with the program representative if required.
  6. Review and sign the City Light Participation Agreement (this will be sent electronically for digital signature). This will include an incentive estimate based on the scope of work as well as details on next steps.
  7. Contractor may begin and complete installation.
  8. Schedule post-installation site visit and provide program representative with required documentation (i.e. itemized invoices showing window dimensions/performance, insulation certificates)
  9. After documentation has been received and any necessary site verifications have been completed you will receive a payment form to sign which will include the final incentive amount.

More Information

For questions or help getting started contact a City Light Energy Advisor
- (206) 684-3800,

Multifamily Weatherization Program Info

Multifamily Weatherization Program Application and Workbook