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1. Building address:

City: Zip:


Building name:

3. Number of units: 5+ Units Only
4. Year built:
5. Number of buildings in complex:
6. Seattle City Light building account # (if known):

7. Building owner or ownership company name:

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8. Owner's mailing address:
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9. Name of contact Seattle City Light should engage:
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10. Contact's mailing address:
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Energy conservation measure of interest:
Common Area Lighting Insulation
Windows In-Unit Lighting
Other - please specify:

Please describe your energy conservation project (i.e. replacing 10 T12 fluorescent fixtures with 10 LEDS).

Primary heat source:
Electric baseboard Electric heat pump
Electric radiant (cable) Electric forced air wall units
Electric forced air furnace Gas - any type
(Please skip to question #15)
Other - please specify:

14. Existing window type: (If your building is gas-heated, please skip to question #15)
Single-pane glass
Double-pane glass with aluminum frames
Double-pane glass with wood/vinyl frames

15. Type of water heater(s):
Individual tanks: Electric Gas Both
Central Tank: Electric Gas

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For more information on the City Light multifamily, window and insulation rebate programs, and common area lighting rebates please contact an Energy Advisor at (206) 684-3800 or email

If you have questions, contact us at:
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