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Powerful Neighborhoods Program for multifamily building owners and condo owners

Seattle City Light offers free in-unit lighting to help make your 5+ unit property more energy efficient. City Light Program Coordinators will assist you with all aspects of the program.

Powerful Neighborhoods Program for multifamily building owners

Seattle City Light now offers free efficient LED bulbs, showerheads, and faucet aerators to owners or managers of residential buildings with five or more units. In addition, installation of all the bulbs at your property is also provided at no cost.

The Powerful Neighborhoods program provides:

Free efficient LED lighting installed within units:
  • A variety of LED bulb types are available to fit most applications.
  • Inefficient bulbs will be removed; appropriate efficient bulbs will be installed.
    These bulbs save you maintenance costs and save your tenants money.

Efficient water fixtures for buildings with electric water heat:
  • Watersense showerheads for each shower.
  • Efficient bathroom faucet aerators.
    These fixtures will save on water, sewer and electricity costs.
Free energy saving advanced powerstrips:
  • Advanced powerstrip with sensors and automatic shut-off available for residents who request them
To Qualify
  • Building must be an apartment building, condominium, retirement community, or cooperative with 5+ units located in the Seattle City Light service area. Condominiums and cooperatives must have permission of the entire Association before a building survey is scheduled
  • Building owner or manager must be present at time of installation
  • Schedule an installation
  • Powerful Neighborhoods FAQ
Meet our Installers

Our installers have undergone background checks and drug screening. All installers will carry City of Seattle
issued identification. Click here to learn more about our experienced efficiency team and see their photos.