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Seattle City Light works with multifamily developers of five or more units to incorporate energy efficient technologies and equipment into building design and construction plans. Energy efficient technologies result in lower operations costs and greater tenant satisfaction. The City Light Built Smart program provides technical assistance from design through project completion and City Light financial incentives can reduce bottom line costs and increase the attractiveness of properties to new tenants.

Key Benefits of Built Smart

The program is designed to encourage the construction of buildings that provide maximum comfort and also incorporate resource conservation. Technical assistance is provided at no-cost to City Light customers. Benefits include:
  • Financial incentives offset capital costs of energy-efficient technologies and equipment
  • Technical guidance helps maximize energy efficiency
  • Energy savings translate to lower operating costs for owners and utility costs for residents
  • Built Smart professionals help to complete a straight-forward application process
  • Built Smart recognitions complements other green building certifications (LEED, Built Green, Passive House, etc.)
  • City Light marketing tools to distinguish your energy efficient building to prospective residents

New Features in 2016

The Built Smart program expanded significantly in the spring of 2016. In addition to familiar energy conservation incentives for refrigerators, washers, low flow shower heads common area lighting and window, the following offerings have been added to the program. Click here to download the Program Information Sheet.

Townhouse incentives. Projects that receive a Built Green™ rating of 4-star or better, use ductless hear pumps as the primary heat sources, and use zonal electric for any secondary heat are eligible for $1500 per living unit from Seattle City Light. Work with a Built Smart professional to review your Townhouse Application. Submit the application to City Light before you receive the project Certificate of Occupancy.

Heat Pumps. Heat pumps for in-unit space heat, domestic hot water, and clothes dryers are all now eligible for funding that is easy to calculate.

In-Unit Lighting. Approved high-performance lighting qualifies for incentives of up to 20 cents per square foot of in-unit floor area.

Dryers. Developers receive $25 for each electric ENERGY STAR® dryer installed in your project.

Advanced Power Strips. Each power strip that automatically turns off entertainment centers when not in use and reactivates the system using the TV remote control qualifies for a $25 incentive.

As always, energy efficiency strategies not covered by the simple funding calculations may also be funded with the use of custom engineering calculations to estimate savings and determine funding amounts.

Take advantage of City Light incentives

Contact Seattle City Light early in design. The earlier you contact us, the more helpful we will be in identifying potential incentives for the project.

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