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The BUILT SMART program encourages multifamily developers and builders to incorporate energy efficient measures into building design, construction and operation. BUILT SMART adds value to your new multifamily project by offering financial incentives and technical assistance from design through project completion.

Key Benefits of BUILT SMART

  • Financial incentives offset capital costs of energy efficient measures.
  • Free technical guidance and performance testing maximize energy efficiency.
  • Energy savings translate to lower operating costs for owners and utility costs for residents.
  • Simple, easy process complements other green certifications (LEED, Built Green).
  • Free marketing tools distinguish your building and engage prospective residents.
Contact us early in the design process. By making energy efficiency an integral part of the building's design, you'll maximize cost savings and building performance in your new multifamily project.

To learn more, download the appropriate program overview:

Built Smart Program Overview and Application (2009)

Built Smart Program Overview and Application (2006)

(Not sure building code year applies? Check DPD's Permit Status page: Building Code year under Details tab).

BUILT SMART Case Studies

Additional BUILT SMART information:

Built Smart for Affordable Housing

Built Smart Technical Specifications

Built Smart Subcontractor Alerts

Additional Green Building Resources

BUILT SMART for Affordable Housing

Seattle City Light acknowledges the need for safe, efficient high quality affordable housing in our coverage area. To fully support the development and rehabilitation of efficient affordable units, the Built Smart program allocates a specific amount of funds each year for units which will serve residents at 60% of AMI or lower. Built Smart also complements the Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard as well as other green building standards.

In addition to Built Smart program funds, resources may be available to support innovative energy efficiency pilot programs in some affordable projects. For more information about pilot programs, please contact a Seattle City Light Energy Advisor at (206) 684-3800 or email a Built Smart representative.

BUILT SMART Technical Specifications

This document lists, in detail, all incentivized items and required inspections, as well as installation guidelines.

Built Smart 2009 Technical Specifications
Built Smart 2006 Technical Specifications

BUILT SMART Subcontractor Alerts

Subcontractor alerts provide detailed information to subcontractors and construction personnel. Alerts are offered for the Site Superintendent, air sealing/ insulation subcontractor, electrical contractors, lighting supplier, and window supplier.
Built Smart 2009 Subcontractor Alerts
Built Smart 2006 Subcontractor Alerts

Additional Resources

2009 Seattle Energy Code

Lighting Design Lab

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Tips on water conservation at the Saving Water Partnership:Saving Water Partnership

BUILT SMART Case Studies:

The Ruby This document is in Adobe Acrobat format (Adobe PDF, 591K)

Eastlake 2851 This document is in Adobe Acrobat format (Adobe PDF, 159K)

In & Out Townhouses This document is in Adobe Acrobat format (Adobe PDF, 329K)

The Pearl This document is in Adobe Acrobat format (Adobe PDF, 180K)