Seattle City Light JIM BAGGS, Interim General Manager and CEO
The City of Seattle offers owners and managers of multifamily buildings many free and low-cost programs to lower their bills,
reduce maintenance costs and improve tenant satisfaction through energy and water conservation.

Energy-saving upgrades for your properties
The rebates and upgrades below are available for common areas, such as, lobbies, hallways, entries, laundry, parking garages and more.
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Food Waste Collection and Recycling
A food waste cart must be accessible to all residents. Get: $100 utility bill credit, free kitchen containers, and training.

FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease)
Avoid sewer back-ups! Keep food scraps, oils, and grease out of kitchen.

Construction and Demolition Materials Recycling Requirement
Find certified recycling facilities. Recycling fees are lower than garbage rates.

In-unit/apartment rebates
The rebates and upgrades listed below are available for each of your units or apartments. Help your residents save energy, water and money.

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Multi-Unit Open/Close Accounts (LOA)

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    Benchmarking and Reporting Program for multifamily buildings?
    New Construction Incentives

    Rental Registration and Inspection Program
    Did you know that rental properties in Seattle must register with the City starting in early 2014? Properties will be inspected over a period of ten years. Learn more.

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