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Five Corners Hardware Case Study
Customers Love The New Look

When Jean Shook, owner of the Five Corners Hardware in Queen Anne, decided to upgrade the lighting in her 68 year-old store, she was excited to hear from her lighting contractor, Efficiency Works! Inc., about Seattle City Light’s $mart Business [formerly Small Commercial Rebate] Program. Tracy Carroll of Efficiency Works! Inc. noticed that the fluorescent lighting in Five Corners was about as old as the store itself. He recommended replacing the old 8-foot T12 magnetically ballasted lamps with 4-foot T8 electronically ballasted lamps. Tracy explained that these retrofits were eligible for a rebate from Seattle City Light.

"I was ready for a bunch of paperwork and red tape," explained Shook, "but I was surprised to find that all I had to do was sign a form from Tracy. Three weeks later, I received my check! It looks like I’ll be saving about $600 a year in electricity and maintenance costs," said a pleased Shook. According to long time employee Roger Diemert, "the difference in the store is like night and day, everything is a lot brighter!" Roger also pointed out that floor displays and most of the general merchandise look a lot better. He was particularly happy with the increased illumination in the area where employees cut pipe and other materials for customers. "We can really see what we are doing now. After the upgrade, many customers asked us if we had painted the store or cleaned it up." "I’m glad Seattle City Light has figured out a quick and easy way to help small businesses like mine", said Shook. "I really appreciated the way the contractor and City Light worked together. Plus, Efficiency Works! Inc. recycled all the fluorescent tubes and ballasts. I was glad they handled the waste responsibly", added Shook. Charles Valentin, from Seattle City Light’s $mart Business staff, summed up by saying, "our effort to work hand-in-hand with small businesses and lighting contractors demonstrates that improved lighting does not have to be expensive or time consuming."

Five Corners Hardware Case Study Project Information

Owner: Jean Shook
Location: 305 W McGraw Street, Seattle, WA 98119
Description: High efficiency lamp and ballast replacement
Cost: $3,882.73
Seattle City Light Incentive Rebate Amount: $1,780.00
Annual Projected Energy Savings: 12,016 kWh
Seattle City Light Trade Ally: Efficiency Works! Inc.

For complete $mart Business Program information, please e-mail or call:
Marilou Trias at, 206.684.4293 or Charles Valentin at, 206.684.4215.

Program incentives may change based on funding availability.

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