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Vending Machine Energy Conservation

Get an $80 Rebate from Seattle City Light, and start saving energy and money on your vending machine. VendingMiserTM Energy Savings Potential.
Vending Machine Energy Conservation

It's midnight. Everyone's gone home. Why is your vending machine on?
Vending machines use electricity 24 hours a day, nights, weekends, and holidays. Even if no one's around to use them. Seattle City Light has a better way.

The VendingMiser reduces the energy consumption of cold drink vending machines by using an occupancy sensor to power down the lights and compressor. A temperature sensor powers the machine back up as needed to keep drinks cold. The device is invisible to the user since the lights come on when an occupant is detected.

City Light Incentives have spurred the installation of over 3,300 units in the Seattle area. Independent reports are available in Adobe Acrobat format: ACEEE (33KB)

VendingMiser TM Energy Savings Potential
Vending machines consume 7-14 kilowatt-hours/day, depending on size, meaning each vending machine you own might be costing you $300 a year to run!

The VendingMiser has been shown to provide average energy savings of 35%-40%. This translates into a reduction of $55 to $130 in the annual electricity bill for each machine -- which means more money left in your pocket! To learn more about VendingMiser, check out USA Technologies' web site or call them directly at 888.561.4748.

Seattle City Light's Offer
Right now, Seattle City Light is offering $80 rebates on Vending Miser units. In order to qualify for the rebate, you must be a Seattle City Light Customer. All rebates require an incentive contract of at least $500, and must be approved by City Light before installation. Call 206.684.3800 for more information and to get started.

How to Order
After Seattle City Light approval, you can order your VendingMiser by calling USA Technologies at 888.561.4748. Installation instructions can be found on their web site. The VendingMiser is a plug-in device that is relatively easy to install. The hardest part may be getting behind the machine to your electrical outlet. Upon completion, City Light staff will come by to confirm installation and then a rebate check will be sent to you.

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