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Conservation: University of Washington Tailored Agreement

University of Washington & Seattle City Light: Celebration

The celebration of energy savings resulting from the long-term partnership between the University of Washington and Seattle City Light occurred this year but the work began in 1990. On May 25, City Light Superintendent Gary Zarker presented University of Washington Executive Vice-President Weldon Ihrig with a $6.5 million incentives "check" for successful energy management. Mayor Schell was present as were State Senators Jacobsen and Kohl-Welles and former City Light conservation director Bev Corwin. The two lead engineers and administrators for the partnership -- Jeraldine McCray, University Facilities, and Javad Maadanian, City Light -- and several key University staff were thanked and congratulated for their accomplishments in the largest City Light energy management services collaboration to date.

Lighting Retrofits Through UW Campuswide Conservation Project Lead to Better Visibility and Energy Savings -- in depth coverage of Seattle City Light's biggest conservation project to date from Con.Web in Brief, Pacific Northwest Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy Newsletter

From the first project in 1990 [Health Sciences H-Wing] to the most recent in 1999 [School of Fisheries], many University of Washington engineering, building, grounds and maintenance staff have performed the work necessary to achieve the celebrated energy savings. 219 projects have been completed since 1990, saving 48,000,000 kilowatt hours annually. Specific individuals noted for their hard work and contributions to this success include:

University of Washington & Seattle City Light: Project Information

The first tailored agreement with the University of Washington was executed in early 1995 and ended June 30, 1999. Estimated annual energy savings under this agreement are 37,840,000 kilowatt hours. 37,840,000 annual kilowatt hours are enough to power over 4,000 homes.

Tailored Collaboration Agreement Project Examples

Building or Location Start/Completion Dates Cost after City Light Incentive Kilowatt Hour Savings
Project Type: HVAC
Kane Hall 1/97-10/98 $116,060 529,922
Triangle Parking Garage 8/97-10/98 $30,350 494,648
Project Type: Lighting
Gerberding Hall 6/98-12/98 $36,880 103,280
Suzzallo Library 3/98-7/98 $241,562 1,155,550

For more information from the University of Washington on this work, please contact Assistant Vice-President Jeraldine McCray by e-mail at For more information from Seattle City Light, please contact Javad Maadanian by e-mail at or call Javad at 206.684.3786.

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