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June 2000: Seattle School Board President Barbara Schaad-Lamphere, City Councilmember Heidi Wills and City Light Superintendent Gary Zarker honored dedicated project staff and celebrated an estimated annual energy savings of 17.1 million kWh and fiscal savings of over $585,000 for the Seattle School District.

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Accomplishment Highlights
  • Facility improvements in 83 of 100 total Seattle School District facilities
  • Annual electrical savings of 17.1 million kWh, enough to power 1,900 homes in Seattle for one year
  • Annual fiscal savings of more than $585,000 in the District's electric bill
  • Annual carbon dioxide emissions reductions of 6,473 metric tons, equivalent to removing 1,300 cars from the road each year
  • Annual water/sewer savings of over 100 million gallons with fiscal savings of over $700,000
  • Annual natural gas savings of over 174,000 Therms with fiscal savings of over $75,000
  • Resource conservation education for Seattle School District students, staff and faculty
  • $2.1 million in incentives from Seattle City Light to the Seattle School District, applied to the total District capital investment of $6.9 million
  • 2 year funding from Seattle City Light to the Seattle School District for a Resource Conservation Manager
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The June 8 conservation graduation celebration resulted from a 4-year tailored agreement and a lot of collaborative work by City Light and School District staff with assistance from energy services company, Noresco. Seattle City Councilmember Heidi Wills, Energy & Environment Policy Committee Chair, and City Light Superintendent Gary Zarker presented a special diploma and mortarboard to School Board President Barbara Schaad-Lamphere. The celebration took place at South Lake Alternative School (formerly South Shore Middle School). See Case Study.

Contact Information

For more information from the Seattle School District on this work, please contact Mechanical Coodinator Frank Griffin by e-mail at or phone at 206.252.0597. For more information from Seattle City Light, please contact Rick Jacobson e-mail at or phone at 206.684.3864.

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