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Energy Smart Services: Facility Assessment Audit

Large and Medium-Size
Commercial and Industrial Customers

Supporting your efforts to be profitable, Seattle City Light offers you assessment audit services for your facility or facilities. Designed to help you monitor, manage and control your electricity and other utility costs and improve your operating efficiencies, this service is free.

City Light has helped customers reduce operating costs by $8,000,000 over the past five years. If you haven't already done so, schedule now.

ORA chart, by permission The Facility Assessment Audit is a complete customer support service from City Light. Our energy management professionals will assess your facility's resource and operation efficiencies, identify efficiency improvement opportunities and align utility services to support your business objectives.

We will interview your staff at multiple levels to assess your business needs, then audit your facility using your interests as a focus.

Key Benefits
Our final report will provide you with a range of cost-effective recommendations to improve your facility's efficiency, safety and productivity, and reduce your operating costs. We can help you:
  • Manage Operating Costs
    • Enhance equipment maintenance quality
    • Reduce/eliminate downtime
    • Increase equipment efficiency
    • Improve resource utilization practices
  • Improve Productivity and Safety
    • Identify and remedy operating safety issues
    • Increase employee efficiency in operating equipment
  • Identify Savings Opportunities
    • Detect unusual usage trends
    • Realize cost savings through specific action items
    • Provide financial assistance for qualified energy savings
City Light is pleased to offer this audit service at no cost to our large and medium-size commercial and industrial customers. The only requirement is a serious desire to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.
We sincerely believe we can help you improve your bottom line.

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