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Workers on Seattle's new Central Library

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Energy Smart Services: New Construction

Seattle Public Library
Construction of the Seattle Public Library.

Seattle City Light works collaboratively with design teams to create healthy, high performance buildings with low long-term operating costs. Financial Incentives and Energy Analysis Assistance support your efforts to build energy efficiency into your project from the beginning.

Our Energy Management Analysts, many of whom are LEED accredited, are here to help you achieve your goals. They will work with you to optimize building systems for both efficiency and high performance.

Please contact us early in the design process. By making energy efficiency an integral part of the building's design, you maximize the value of assistance offered by Energy Smart Services while maximizing building performance.

Energy and dollar savings start on day one.

Energy Analysis Assistance
We provide financial support for professional engineering services to research and evaluate various building system designs. For all the details, see our Program Manual. (pdf format, 1.5 MB)

Financial Incentives
Seattle City Light offers funding for the installation of equipment and controls that go beyond energy code requirements. Some examples:

  • Lighting and controls - T5 and T8 fluorescent fixtures with electronic ballasts, compact fluorescent fixtures, HID fixtures, integrated lighting control systems, and daylighting techniques.
  • High efficiency HVAC equipment - chillers, air conditioners, heat pumps and motors.
  • Custom measures - give you the flexibility to pursue cutting edge strategies like advanced approaches to HVAC controls, heat recovery systems, or variable flow pumping.
View the Incentives Schedule for more examples of technologies funded and specific incentive amounts. Bring us your ideas and find out what we can do for you.

To get started, submit a Quick Service Application today. If you have questions, send an email or call(206) 684-3800.
Lighting Design Lab
With their knowledge of the latest in lighting technology, experts at the LDL can help you choose the most cost-effective and aesthetic lighting options for your business. Most services are free. Call 206-325-9711 for an appointment.

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