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Energy Smart Services from Seattle City Light Conservation: Your Savings and Here's Why

Innovative T5 Technology Brightens Warehouse

Aisle Number 6, before and after.

  • Owner: Kelly-Moore Paint Company
  • Project: Warehouse lighting and controls
  • Project Partners: Energy Smart Services, Pacific Energy Solutions LLC
  • Energy Smart Services Incentive: $15,702
  • Estimated Annual Energy Savings: $5,864
  • Customer's Simple Payback: 1.4 years
  • Other Benefits: Improved light levels and quality.

  • Project Overview

    Light levels were low at Kelly-Moore Paint's 35,000 square foot warehouse in south Seattle, averaging only 5 foot-candles. Light was provided by metal halide fixtures, some of which were poorly placed. Because the metal halides needed a 15-minute warm-up, staff hesitated to turn them off. The lights were left on 15 hours a day, even after hours when the warehouse was only occasionally used. Pacific Energy Solutions and Seattle City Light's Commercial and Industrial Conservation team had a better idea.

    The first step was to improve the efficiency of the lights themselves. Taking advantage of financial incentives from City Light's Energy Smart Services, the metal halides were replaced with T5 fluorescent fixtures. The T5's use 234 watts each instead of 460, and, significantly, do not need to warm up.

    The second step was to improve the company's control over the lighting. Since the new lights came on instantly, the lights in the aisles could each be equipped with motion sensors. During hours of operation, these lights now remain off, since there is only intermittent foot traffic. When someone enters the aisle to get something the lights instantly come on and remain on until five minutes after they leave. Though lights around the perimeter are left on during the regular shift, the instant-on feature allows them to be kept on for 10 hours instead of 15. When someone needs access after hours they can hit a manual override and get instant light.

    After the project was completed Kelly-Moore saw dramatic savings, with annual electrical consumption dropping by more than half, from 158,000 to 60,322 kWh. Best of all, light levels in the warehouse now average 25 foot-candles instead of the original 5, helping warehouse staff work more comfortably and efficiently. In a year and a half, when their energy savings pay for the project's cost, Kelly-Moore will have, in effect, upgraded their lighting for free. They are so satisfied with the results that they are moving forward on two more projects with even higher expected savings: lighting upgrades in their nearby production facility and air compressor improvements. Now that's some smart business planning.

    For more information on this City Light customer, please visit the Kelly-Moore Company website. For more information on the project contact City Light's Soheila Ghassemekia at, or call Soheila at 206.684.3360.

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