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Energy Smart Services: Financial Incentives

With today's volatile energy costs, it makes good sense to be as energy efficient as possible. Let us reimburse your organization for installing efficient equipment and lighting.

Seattle City Light's Energy Smart Services offers financial incentives to help medium and large businesses * reduce electricity use and save money. Our incentives shorten the payback on your energy efficiency investments and help improve your company's bottom line.

Incentive amounts can range as high as 70% of the installation cost, and are based on energy savings. For very straightforward technologies, City Light offers Simple Rebates that make for fast and easy projects. More complex but commonly implemented HVAC, motor and lighting upgrades are handled through streamlined Standard Incentives. And Custom Incentives are tailored to the specific needs of large or complex projects.

Whether you are managing a small lighting retrofit or a major new construction project, we'll make it easy to find cost-effective energy saving solutions. The following is a partial list of possible measures. Please contact us with any energy conservation proposal. We are open to create ideas.
  • Lighting, HVAC, Controls, Transformers, Glazing and Insulation: We offer incentives covering up to 70% of the cost for qualifying energy efficient lighting and equipment.
  • Industrial Process Improvements: Industrial customers also can take advantage of incentives up to 70% for qualifying process improvements that save energy.
To view the complete list of current incentives, please click here.

Limitations on Funding Seattle City Light funding is calculated based on the annual kWh savings multiplied by the incentive amounts above, and limited to 70% of the Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) installation cost. All incentives must be approved before installation. Incentive amounts are only finalized at time of contract. A contract must be signed with City Light before equipment is purchased.

* Energy Smart Services are available to commercial businesses, manufacturing plants, institutions and government facilities on the Medium General Service rate and larger. Call (206) 684-3800 to see if your business qualifies. Smaller businesses are served by City Light's SmartBusiness Program.

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