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Lighting Seattle since 1905 Jorge Carrasco, Superintendent
Conservation: R.E.I., by permission, Robert Pisano
Conservation: Customer Achievements

Conservation programs have saved nearly about 10 million megawatt-hours of electricity, enough to power Seattle's homes for more than 3 years 1. Illustrating this achievement (often the result of many years of work) are case studies, evaluations and news items. Along with the City's residents, City Light thanks these large and small commercial, industrial and governmental customers for an impressive record of energy management. Conserving energy saves money and benefits the environment. Energy conservation makes good business sense.

1 Energy Conservation Accomplishments: 1977-2004, Evaluation Unit, Conservation Resources Division, 2005

Climate Wise Partners
Local companies demonstrating that environmental performance provides a competetive edge.

Energy Conservation Achievement Awards
Seattle City Light recognizes their customer's efforts in resource conservation and environmental stewardship.

Fred Hutchinson Long-Term Conservation Partnership
"City Light is truly a world class provider of one of our most important commodities: electricity," says Bob Cowan, Facilities Engineering Manager for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Kelly-Moore Paint Company
Innovative T5 lighting technology brightens warehouse

Lafarge Corporation
A concrete example of industrial efficiency

Seattle Public Schools
Graduation 2000 celebration of energy improvements in 83 of the 100 District facilities

University of Washington
The largest energy conservation project in Seattle City Light's history is in place at the University of Washington.

Washington State Convention & Trade Center
Seattle City Light and the Washington State Convention & Trade Center celebrate a long term commitement to energy conservation.

Smart Business Case Study #1
Five Corners Hardware makes $mart business decision

Smart Business Case Study #2
Crown Hill Automotive makes $mart business decision

Smart Business Case Study #3
MacPherson Leather makes $mart business decision

Smart Business Case Study #4 (pdf)
Nickerson Street Self Storage

Smart Business Case Study #5 (pdf)
Kusak Cut Glass Works

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