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Efficient Showerheads

Clothes Washer Rebate

Get a $100 rebate from Seattle City Light when you buy a new high-efficiency clothes washer.

Choose a high-efficiency, Energy Star clothes washer over a standard model and you can:
  • Use 25% less energy, 40% less water & 60% less detergent!
  • Save $40 or more per year in electricity and water costs - that's $500 over the life of the washer!
  • Dry clothes faster - because high-efficiency clothes washers spin out most of the water from your clothes, less time and energy is required to dry them.
  • Do fewer loads - without a bulky agitator these models have more usable space for clothes. More capacity means fewer loads of laundry per week - and more time for you.
  • Washers build before 2003 are far less efficient than newer models, thus savings expectations may be greater.
Choose a model with a high Modified Energy Factor (MEF) and a low Water Factor (WF).
Modified Energy Factor (MEF) is a measure of energy efficiency that considers the energy used by the washer, the energy used to heat the water, and the energy used to run the dryer. The higher the MEF, the more energy-efficient the clothes washer.

Water Factor (WF) measures water efficiency in gallons of water consumed per cubic foot of capacity in a cold wash cycle. The lower the WF, the more water efficient the clothes washer. Integrated Modified Energy Factor (IMEF) and Integrated Water Factor (IWF) represent the revised performance metrics for clothes washers set by Energy Star in March 2015 for all new models. The integrated factors add new testing standards to the preexisting factors. IMEF integrates the energy consumption in standby & off modes, while IWF integrates the water consumption in all cycles.

  • Clothes washer must have a Modified Energy Factor (MEF or IMEF) of 2.46 or above, AND a Water Factor (WF or IWF) of 4.0 or below.
  • Residential customers only, one rebate per household
  • Clothes washer must be used in correlation with an electric dryer or electric water heater. Households with both non-electric dryers and water heaters are not eligible.
How to Apply:
  1. Purchase and install a qualified model between January 1, 2015 and September 30, 2015*.
  2. Complete and sign the Clothes Washer Rebate Form.
  3. Submit forms along with required documentation (as listed on the Clothes Washer Rebate Form), postmarked within 90 days of purchase.
  4. Allow 6-8 weeks to receive your rebate check.
Rebate forms with a July 31, 2015 expiration date will be accepted. Before buying a clothes washer, please make sure it is an eligible model. Simply having the ENERGY STAR rating does not automatically mean it is meets the eligibility requirements. There are some ENERGY STAR models that do not meet Seattle City Light's high-efficiency requirements.

If your water heater AND your dryer are fueled by natural gas or propane, you are not eligible for the Seattle City Light rebate. Clothes Washers save electricity by reducing dryer time and hot water consumption, thus Seattle City Light electricity conservation rebates cannot be applied. Please contact an Energy Advisor at (206) 684-3800 if you are unsure of your eligibility.

Contact an Energy Advisor at
or call (206) 684-3800

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