Seattle City Light LARRY WEIS, General Manager and CEO
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Energy Conservation

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Helping People Save Energy and Money

Seattle City Light has operated conservation programs for more than 33 years. In 2010, conservation reduced City Lights electric system load by 1,109,892 megawatt-hours. That is enough electricity to power 129,000 Seattle homes one-third of our residential service. These savings accrued from measures installed from 1982 - 2010. The energy savings acquired through City Lights conservation programs since 1977 could power homes of four cities the size of Seattle for one year.

Powerful Neighborhoods

The Powerful Neighborhoods program began as a pilot program designed to reach customers in single family households who may not have taken advantage of energy conservation programs in the past. This program successfully reached senior citizens, non-English-speaking households and low-income customers. Since 2010, the Powerful Neighborhoods program has distributed 10,400 efficient showerheads and installed 360,000 compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs) in 20,000 of our customer homes, saving our customers more than 13 million kWh and $1.2 million a year on their electricity bills.

Community Solar

City Light has partnered with Seattle Parks and Recreation to build three new picnic shelters with roofs made of solar electric panels. The shelters will be part solar power plant and part gathering place to educate and inspire visitors about alternative energy sources. The project is estimated to produce 24,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean, renewable electricity each year – enough to run 3 households or brew 146,000 pots of coffee!

Enroll to become a founding member

All City Light customers are invited to become founding members in Seattle Community Solar. Each solar unit is estimated to produce 50 kWh of electricity per year through June 2020 when the program ends. The one-time, up-front cost is $600 per solar unit.