Seattle City Light LARRY WEIS, General Manager and CEO
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City Light is committed to provide customers and youth with information about your utility – where your power comes from, ways to save and conserve energy, our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas, and how we are finding new, renewable resources. One popular education program is called Shrinking Bigfoot.

Shrinking BigfootShrinking Bigfoot

Shrinking Bigfoot is an interactive program that teaches third to fifth grade students and their teachers about climate change and energy conservation. City Light offers free climate-change assemblies, student workshops and a teacher training for schools in our service area. Since 2008, the program has reached thousands of students and hundreds of teachers. Feedback from teachers is overwhelmingly enthusiastic. As one teacher said after an assembly, "This was the best and most informative play I have seen in 15 years. All kids were engaged."

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Homeward Bound

In 2011, City Lights Environmental Affairs Division completed their seventh year of the Homeward Bound field trip. The program gives elementary school students an opportunity to witness the return of salmon to local rivers and learn about natural sciences. This program is offered to fourth and fifth graders from Seattle Public schools that use the Land and Water Curriculum.

In 2011, students from Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary school in South Seattle, where more than 95 percent of students are ethnic or racial minorities, visited a site on the Cedar River at Ron Regis Park near Renton. The students learned about rivers, fish, and how to use maps and compasses. One goal of the program is to educate kids about biology and natural sciences and job opportunities in these fields.