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College Internships

It’s no secret that interns make our workplace better. And that’s because they transform their education, skills and talents into meaningful projects that keep Seattle powered. As a college intern, you will work alongside colleagues with decades of experience at City Light, creating an exchange of new ideas and deep industry knowledge. But there's more than that.

Additionally, our interns come together for a variety of programming:
  • Chats with our executive leaders
  • Professional development workshops with your fellow interns
  • Adventures to City Light facilities
  • Exploration of equity and social justice in the workplace
  • Trainings to hone your professional and technical skills
At the end of summer, our college interns showcase their awesome projects and experiences to the delight of their colleagues and peers.

Still buzzing with questions? Power through the Frequently Asked Questions below.

How to Apply

Visit the City of Seattle’s internship job board to view available openings and follow the instructions to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do City Light college internships start?

Summer internships start in May or June, depending on whether your school schedule is a quarter or semester system. For hiring at other times of the year, the internships will start around the beginning of the corresponding academic quarter.

How long do City Light college internships last?

Many of our internships last between three and twelve months. We note the internship duration in each position we post. During the summer and breaks, interns typically work up to 40 hours/week. During the rest of the year, interns work no more than 20 hours/week and will adjust their hours based on their academic schedule.

Where do City Light interns work?

Most interns work in downtown Seattle. We also have internships at other Seattle locations or at our Skagit Hydroelectric Project in the North Cascades. The internship location is noted in each position we post.

What majors do you recruit?

Each year, we hire from a variety of academic areas, including engineering, business, environmental studies, public administration, arts and sciences, and many others. As we like to say, it takes all kinds of skills to run the nation’s greenest utility. Eligible majors will be noted in each position we post.

What student levels do you recruit?

Generally, we hire students at the sophomore, junior, senior and graduate levels. Eligible student levels will be noted in each position we post.

What other academic requirements are there?

Interns must be enrolled in accredited college courses, with a part-time or full-time course load leading to a graduate, baccalaureate, associate or two-year certificated degree relevant to the internship. Each internship has a minimum GPA requirement, based on the intern's academic major and level.

Are City Light internships paid?

Of course. We know what you are worth.
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