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At Seattle City Light, our Internship Program focuses on professional development, giving you the chance to work closely with colleagues on meaningful projects, engage with utility leaders and develop real-world skills in the workplace. Plus, you and the rest of the interns get to show us how awesome you are. And that's our favorite part.

Projects That Matter

Our interns grab coffee for no one (well, unless it's out of team spirit). Instead, we focus your time on the real work of the utility: creating new content, tackling large-scale projects, developing solutions, going out into the field and even completing the many small tasks needed to keep the lights on. The result is a portfolio of work that puts your education into practice and hones the skills you'll use in your professional field.

And speaking of professions, we have interns working in wide variety of them, from engineering, finance, accounting and communications to human resources, environmental affairs, health and safety, information technology, customer care and even culinary. It takes all kinds-and all kinds of skills-to run the Nation's Greenest Utility.

Professional Focus, Big Picture

In addition to individual work assignments, you'll join forces with other interns to talk with the utility's executive officers, engage in resume-building and LinkedIn workshops and just plain have fun. Who knows-we may even start an intern band one of these days.

But the point is, context really matters to us. We expose our interns to the whole utility, so you can better understand the part you play here. We visit City Light sites around Seattle and make a trip to our hydroelectric facilities in the North Cascades. Ever stand in the heart of a system control center or see the inside of a hydro powerhouse? Ever wonder what a public utility has in common with tourism? Ask a City Light intern. Better yet, become one!

Supportive Community

Seattle City Light generates an astounding 90% of Seattle's electricity from hydropower, but our workforce generates 100% awesomeness. True story. As an intern here, you'll receive loads of support from your managers, mentors, coworkers, fellow interns and our Internship Coordinator. Time and again, we hear how helpful and encouraging the City Light work environment is for our interns. It's just another way we invest in "green" power.

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