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Broad Street Substation Inductor Project
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Project Update

Winter 2018

In its continuing effort to keep pace with the region’s growth and to provide reliable power to customers, Seattle City Light is planning to make improvements to the Broad Street Substation. In late 2017, City Light identified a preferred option for substation improvements, which involves installing new electrical equipment at the Broad Street Substation. City Light held a public open house and conducted briefings with area stakeholders to present and get feedback on the preferred option. The preferred option requires the acquisition of the now closed portion of Broad Street (at Taylor Avenue North and Harrison Street) through a process called street vacation.

City Light must get approval from Seattle City Council to vacate this portion of Broad Street. Part of that approval process includes presenting and getting feedback on the project's urban design framework, which includes the proposed street vacation, from the Seattle Design Commission. The project team is scheduled for this presentation, which is open to the public, on March 15.

Seattle Design Commission Urban Design Merit Presentation

Thursday, March 15, 2018
Seattle City Hall
600 4th Avenue
Boards and Commissions Room
1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

The Commission determines if and how the vacation affects the remaining streets or alleys near the project and if impacts (to vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian circulation; access; utilities; light, air, and open space; and views) have been adequately addressed.

Following the approval of the Urban Design Merit phase, a presentation on the project’s proposed public benefits will be made to the Design Commission in April or May 2018. Public benefits may occur on the right-of-way surrounding the project, or nearby the vacation site, and could include plazas or open spaces, sidewalks wider than required by regulation, enhanced landscaping, street elements (such as seating, lighting, or art) and wayfinding improvements.

You can send us comments or request a briefing by sending an email to us at SCL_BroadSub@seattle.gov.

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