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Shelby-Hamlin Streetlight Replacement Project

Posting Date: 3/13/2017                

Contact: Patrick Donohue - Sr. Capital Project Coordinator

Phone: (206) 386-1654


An update was sent to neighborhood residents regarding Seattle City Light's LED streetlight replacement project in October 2017. Several residents provided their comments and feedback on the project update.

As a result, the utility has updated their design for replacing the aging streetlights in the neighborhood. The planned start date for construction is pending. Customers will be notified before construction begins.

Please see the information below for a summary of the design changes.


  • Existing streetlights will be replaced with the K56 Cleveland LED fixture and Type 2 lighting distribution. This focuses on roadway lighting. (see images below)
  • The project will install a total of 21 new streetlights in the Shelby-Hamlin neighborhood. The current neighborhood configuration has 18 total lights.
  • The color temperature of the new LED streetlights has been reduced from 4000K to 3000K.
  • This project will also upgrade existing curb ramps to ADA standards.
  • This project is now fully designed and will be sent to bid for a construction contractor.


Seattle City Light is planning to replace aging streetlights in the Shelby-Hamlin neighborhood with a new, more reliable LED streetlight system.

Existing streetlights in the Shelby-Hamlin neighborhood will be replaced
with a new pole design (left) and LED Cleveland fixture (right).

Type 2 Lighting Distribution (above)


Click on the map for a larger view.


  • The new LED streetlights will make residential streets safer by increasing their visibility at night.
  • LEDs reduce greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing as well as when they are in use. Additionally, about 20,000 tons of reduced carbon emissions per year are the result of fewer service vehicle trips.


  • The project will result in an increase in the overall number of streetlights in the Shelby-Hamlin neighborhood.
  • Construction will be phased in several stages to minimize street closures in the neighborhood. Only one side of the street will be closed at a time during construction.
  • Streetlights may be relocated from their existing fixture locations.
  • Parking will be restricted during construction work hours.
  • Curbside landscaping will be impacted during construction. All affected landscaping will be restored to its original condition.
  • Noise is expected from construction and heavy equipment.


Construction Start: TBD

Duration: Five months

Daily Work Schedule: TBD

Alternate Contact: -

Alternative Contact Phone:

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