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Fairview Ave North Bridge Replacement

Posting Date: 11/9/2015                

Contact: William Chin - Project Manager

Phone: (206) 684-7977


The temporary steel poles and wiring have been completed prior to the beginning of SDOT’s Fairview Bridge Replacement Project.  Once the existing bridge has been replaced, City Light intends to remove the temporary steel poles and overhead conductor wiring.  This final phase is tentatively scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2020.


Seattle City Light plans to install a temporary second set of power lines along Fairview Avenue North. Crews will temporarily install two new 100-foot steel poles; including their corresponding foundations and power lines to the west of the permanent poles and lines and de-energize the permanent lines. Once the bridge replacement project is complete, City Light crews will remove the temporary poles and foundations and re-energize the permanent lines. SDOT plans to start the bridge replacement project in winter 2017/2018. See the Fairview Avenue North Bridge Replacement Power Lines Relocation Project map for Seattle City Light's work.


The work is necessary to assure safe electrical clearance distances and system reliability during the Seattle Department of Transportation's (SDOT) project to replace the aging Fairview Avenue North Bridge.


  • Public use of the space (including parking) near the location of the temporary steel poles will not be permitted during construction.
  • No power outages are anticipated at this time. If outages are necessary, customers will be notified two weeks in advance.


  • August 2016 - Shaft foundations for two temporary steel poles were installed.
  • April 2017 - City Light Crews will install two temporary steel poles and temporary transmission (115 kV) and distribution (26 kV) lines.
  • Start second quarter of 2020 (once bridge replacement is complete) - Temporary poles, transmission and distribution lines removed, and original lines re-energized.

For more information on the Fairview Avenue North Bridge Replacement Project, visit: www.seattle.gov/transportation/fairviewbridge.htm or email fairviewbridge@seattle.gov.


Construction Start: August, 2016

Duration: Until 2020

Daily Work Schedule: Currently, Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Alternate Contact: -

Alternative Contact Phone:

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