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Project Details

Arterial LED Streetlight Conversions

Posting Date: 3/31/2015                

Contact: Carol Anderson - LED Project Manager

Phone: 206-733-9961

PROJECT UPDATE (6/29/2016)

Please see the update and map below for more information.


Seattle City Light is working to improve customer safety, reduce carbon emissions and conserve resources by converting streetlights on arterial roadways from high-pressure sodium lights to energy-efficient LEDs. City Light is contracting with Potelco for the street light conversions.

The City of Seattle sets regulations based on national standards for how much light should be provided on roadways to maintain safe driving conditions and ensure pedestrian safety. As a result, arterial classified roadways require a higher wattage LED than residential streetlighting.

The arterial conversion work will cover Seattle's arterial roadways within City Light's service areas between Denny Way and 65th Street. This next phase of arterial roadway work between 65th Street and 145th Street will convert high pressure sodium cobrahead streetlights to LED. This phase of work began on October 1, 2015 and is anticipated to reach 125th Street by the end of 2015. The remainder of this phase of work will be completed in 2016. Please see the Arterial LED Streetlight Map for more details.


  • The LED fixtures will make arterial streets safer by increasing their visibility.
  • LEDs reduce greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing as well as when they are in use. Additionally, about 20,000 tons of reduced carbon emissions per year are the result of fewer service vehicle trips.


  • There are no maintenance power outages planned.
  • Minimal traffic and parking impacts are expected in the immediate work area.
  • The contractor will schedule conversion work at night along high-density, arterial roadways.

For more information, visit the LED Streetlight page.

For street light inquiries, customers can call the Streetlight Out Team at (206) 684-7056.


Construction Start: March 24, 2015

Duration: 2-3 years

Daily Work Schedule: Tuesday-Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Alternate Contact: -

Alternative Contact Phone: 206-684-7056

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