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Residential Communications Network Expansion

Posting Date: 12/12/2016                

Contact: See project for more details -

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PROJECT UPDATES (9/20/2017):

A City Light contractor will be working in the Magnolia neighborhood to upgrade electronic equipment on a utility pole at West Howe Street. This project was pushed to early October 2017.

Crews will begin this project with a pole replacement and vault installation, which is expected to take up to two days to complete. The cellular antenna and equipment cabinet installation will follow.

For more information, please contact Marcus Hailey (Crown Castle), City Light Project Consultant at (425) 327-1986 or marcus.hailey@crowncastle.com.

Map: Magnolia - West Howe Street Work Area

In mid-August 2017, Seattle City Light replaced a 41-foot utility pole at 3114 NW 65th Street with a new 59-foot, 6-inch utility wood pole. The replacement pole has three 8-foot cellular panel antennas mounted on top. This project has been completed.

Customers can contact Liz Carrasquero (T-Mobile USA) at seattlemarket@t-mobile.com. For additional information, please visit www.howmobileworks.com

Map: NW 65th Street Work Area


This past September, contracted crews worked in the SODO neighborhood to upgrade electronic equipment on 10 utility poles. City Light crews will now return to these pole locations for the final inspections. This work will be less impactful.

For more information, please contact Gina Del Giorgio, City Light Project Consultant at (425) 603-8205 or Regina.DelGiorgio2@VerizonWireless.com.

Map: SODO Construction Work Area

A City Light contractor is working along Beacon Avenue South and Ballard Avenue Northwest to upgrade electronic equipment on 17 total utility poles. 

Construction along Beacon Avenue South is expected for completion by the end of September 2017.

Construction along Ballard Avenue Northwest has been completed.

For more information, please contact Gina Del Giorgio, City Light Project Consultant at (425) 603-8205 or Regina.DelGiorgio2@VerizonWireless.com.

Map: Beacon Avenue South / Ballard Avenue Northwest Construction Areas

Contracted crews will begin another project in the White Center and Highline neighborhoods to upgrade electronic equipment on 35 existing utility poles. This project has been postponed for three to six months. Information on an updated start date will be provided at a later time. This project is expected to last approximately six weeks.

For more information, please contact Gina Del Giorgio, City Light Project Consultant at (425) 603-8205 or Regina.DelGiorgio2@VerizonWireless.com.

Maps: White Center / Highline Construction Area


Seattle City Light will be supporting enhanced cellular and data services by upgrading electronic equipment at existing network sites on utility poles throughout the public right-of-way in Seattle's neighborhoods.


  • This project is an expansion of existing communications networks and the equipment modifications will increase public safety and enhanced-911 capabilities.
  • This work will also improve wireless services to your area allowing for enhanced connectivity and faster 4G service.
  • During this project, City Light crews will also have the opportunity to upgrade its infrastructure and replace poles that are in poor condition.


  • There are no maintenance power outages planned for this work.
  • Some traffic and parking impacts are expected in the immediate work area.
  • Flaggers will be used where needed on residential streets.
  • Crews will be careful to try and maintain access to driveways.


For more information on wireless co-locations, please visit our Joint Use Engineering website.


Construction Start: TBA

Duration: Varies from project to project

Daily Work Schedule: Mondays - Fridays, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Alternate Contact: -

Alternative Contact Phone:

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