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Current Projects

Welcome to Seattle City Light's web record of construction projects. View all Seattle City Light construction notices below. In addition, notices and project information are organized into north, south and downtown City Light service areas. We also maintain archives of completed projects and make every effort to coordinate City construction with other City departments.

All Current Projects
Date Posted Street Location City Light Contact
1/20/2018 970 Denny Way Service Connection Mark Green
1/17/2018 1st Ave South/Railroad Way South Duct Bank Install Bill Danbom
12/26/2017 Pioneer Square Pilot LED Streetlight Project Kevin Gorman
12/19/2017 Roy Street Loop (SE of Lake Union) Mark Green
12/15/2017 Arroyo Conduit Installation Project Community Outreach Team
11/13/2017 East Pine Substation Reliability Upgrade Percy Schlimm
10/24/2017 Blue Ridge Pilot Streetlight Project Patrick Donohue
9/21/2017 N.Beacon Hill Electric Vehicle Charging Station John Owen
7/28/2017 Streetcar--1st Ave. South and South Jackson Street Percy Schlimm
7/14/2017 South Washington Street Infrastructure Improvement Michael Danielsen
4/17/2017 Streetcar--South Main Street Reliability Upgrade Percy Schlimm
3/28/2017 Blue Ridge Conduit Installation: Phase II Michael Charles
3/13/2017 Shelby-Hamlin Streetlight Replacement Project Ian Hernandez
1/6/2017 Street Car--S. Washington St. Reliability Upgrade Percy Schlimm
12/19/2016 Electrical Improvements Along Harrison Street Kristy Tibbetts
12/12/2016 Residential Communications Network Expansion See project for more details
10/24/2016 Utility Pole Upgrade in Support of East Link Joe Hampton
8/16/2016 Hillcrest Conduit and Vault Installation David Mannery
8/15/2016 Broad Street Substation Inductor Project
6/6/2016 French Creek Transmission Poles Kee Leung
11/9/2015 Fairview Ave North Bridge Replacement William Chin
3/31/2015 Arterial LED Streetlight Conversions Carol Anderson
10/23/2014 West Seattle Overhead Lines Upgrade Michael Gabrielson
5/10/2013 Elliott Bay Seawall Project -- Utility Relocation Michael Danielsen
1/22/2013 Central Waterfront Transmission Line Relocation Tamara Jenkins
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