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The Utility Discount Program is a great way to lower bills. With this income-qualified program you can save on your electric bill, and also save money on Seattle Public Utilities like water, sewer, and garbage.*

The Utility Discount Program also offers FREE HOME ENERGY visits that could help you realize even greater savings. Call (206) 684-3417 or email today to see if you qualify. We're happy to help you enroll. Interpretation services are available. Download the multi-language program flyer to learn more.


You may be eligible if:
  • You are a Seattle City Light customer.
  • Your total household income for the three months prior to applying does not exceed the amount listed in the table below.
  • You do NOT receive a section 8 housing voucher or other subsidy for housing.
Household Size Maximum Gross Monthly Income Maximum Gross Yearly Income
1 $2,550 $30,600
2 $3,335 $40,020
3 $4,120 $49,440
4 $4,905 $58,860
5 $5,689 $68,268
6 $6,474 $77,688
7 $6,621 $79,452
8 $6,768 $81,216
9 $6,915 $82,980
10 $7,063 $84,756
Ea. Add. $147 $1,764

Note: Gross Income is based on 70% of the state's median income.
*must be a Seattle Public Utilities Customer

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Utility Discount Program
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