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Apprenticeship Program

PAL (Pre-Apprentice Lineworker) / Lineworker Apprentice

Hiring Process

Candidates must successfully complete and score competitively on:

  • Workers at Transmission line photoWritten application and a review of their complete driving record
  • Written test on electrical theory, mathematics, mechanical reasoning, and worker attributes
  • Working tests demonstrating knowledge of tools and electrical equipment, and the ability to perform work functions and follow directions
  • Oral panel interview
  • Reference check – three work related references of your choice will be contacted
  • Pre-Employment physical - (A medical examination of the applicant to determine whether he or she can perform the mental and physical functions of the job.)
  • Drug test - -(Apprentices must have the ability to obtain a Class "A" CDL and under Federal Law they will be randomly drug tested throughout their career.)
  • Background check - (Includes criminal history, driving record, education, and employment verification.)
PAL Overview and Expectations:
  • Pre-Apprentice Lineworker (PAL) Program is a paid, six-month probationary training position designed to help new employees learn about the job and get the skills needed to become Lineworker Apprentices.
  • Instruction includes basic equipment preparation and "ground work" to assist crews, increase productivity and to work safely around high voltage electrical equipment.
  • PALs work with line crews to experience and observe the full spectrum of duties, tasks, and chores of the Lineworker craft.
  • PALs training includes physical workout in preparation for the demands of the job.
  • PALs will receive CDL training and must obtain a Class "A" CDL. Under Federal Law, employees with a CDL endorsement will be randomly drug tested throughout their career.
  • PALs must learn to climb and maneuver into good working position on wooden poles using a variety of methods and styles of equipment. Instruction in wooden pole climbing begins gradually and progress through basic skills and heights up to 40 feet.
  • To graduate into the Lineworker Apprenticeship Program, PALs must successfully pass a set of physical capacity exams, three working skills tests and a series of pole climbing tests.
  • PAL Graduates become Lineworker Apprentices as "regular employees" and are probationary for one year.
  • Apprentices enter the 7000 hour Lineworker Apprenticeship learning to work with high voltage electrical equipment in a variety of settings and adverse weather conditions.
  • Lineworker Apprentices attend at least 144 hours of Related Supplemental Instruction one evening a week throughout the school year for 3 years.
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