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  • Report on Landis+Gyr Technology. Seattle City Light has selected Landis+Gyr to provided advanced metering technology to more than 410,000 customers. This report provides a description of Landis+Gyr managed services operations system and on the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of its controls for the Period May 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015.
  • City Light Strategic Plan – Advanced Metering is part of the Seattle City Light Strategic Plan. This plan provides a roadmap for making informed decisions about the future of the utility.
  • Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative - A nonprofit organization chartered to be the trusted source representing consumers, advocates, utilities, and technology providers in order to advance the adoption of a reliable, efficient, and secure smart grid and ensure long-lasting sustainable benefits to consumers.
  • University of Washington Smart Grid Project – A project to gather information about the costs and benefits of a smart grid and its opportunities to help save energy, make the power system more reliable, and incorporate renewable energy.

More on Radio Frequency and Advanced Meters

Below, you will find information sheets from Landis+Gyr that provide specifics on the technology in our advanced meters. The information goes more in-depth of the radio frequencies and engineering components of the meters. This will also explain and review the labelling changes Seattle City Light has applied to the new meters.

Technical Specifications of Seattle City Light’s Advanced Meters

Seattle City Light is using meters manufactured by Landis + Gyr for its Advanced Metering program. City Light is using meters from Landis + Gyr’s Focus AX family of meters for residential services. The utility is using its own labeling for tracking purposes. For anyone who is interested in comparing technical specifications, we are providing the City Light labeling from the meter nameplates and the corresponding model numbers from Landis + Gyr for the most commonly installed meters.

City Light Model Landis + Gyr Model
Focus AXR Form 2S (Blue Label Opt-Out) E330 Focus AX (no radio)
Focus RXR Form 2S (White Advanced Meter Label) E330 Focus AX (with radio)
Focus AXR-SD Form 25S (Blue Label Opt-Out) E350 Focus AX-SD Single Phase (no radio)
Focus AXR-SD Form 25S (Blue Label Opt-Out) E350 Focus AX-SD Single Phase (no radio)
Focus RXR-SD Form 25S (White Label Advanced Meter) E350 Focus AX-SD Single Phase (with radio)

View the Landis + Gyr specifications sheet here.

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