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Opt-Out Policy

We believe in providing a choice to our customers. Seattle City Light customers who are not interested in receiving the benefits of the utility's Advanced Metering program will be able to opt out. Read our policy here.

Customers interested in opting out of an advanced meter must first submit an application for a non-communicating digital meter to Seattle City Light so the utility can determine whether the request meets eligibility requirements. If the request is approved by City Light, the applicant will be enrolled in the opt-out program. Please complete all information as incomplete applications may delay processing. 

Steps to Opt-Out

In order to opt-out, you must submit an application to Seattle City Light and meet eligibility requirements. Please submit all applications in English. To obtain an opt-out application, please do one of the following:

  • Download an application.
  • Contact the Advanced Metering desk at (206) 727-8777 during regular business hours to request a hard copy application be mailed to you.
  • Email the Advanced Metering desk at SCL_Advanced_Metering@seattle.gov

Eligibility Guidelines to Opt-Out

  • You must be a residential customer.
  • Non-property owners who wish to opt-out must obtain signed permission from the property owner.
  • You are responsible for providing and maintaining access to City Light for meter installation, maintenance, and reading. Failure to do so may result in termination of your opt-out participation, along with the installation of an Advanced Meter
  • Owners in multi-unit condominium buildings are eligible to opt-out.
  • Owners and tenants of buildings with 4 units or less are eligible for opt-out. Tentants must have the owner's permission to opt-out. If the building owner choose to opt-out the entire building, the owner will be responsible for paying all fees associated with the opt-out meters for all units.
  • Customers who live in multi-unit apartment buildings with 5 or more units are not eligible to opt-out.
  • Net metering customers are not eligible to opt-out.

Comparing City Light Meters

As shown by the following chart, there are additional costs associated with opting out, and fewer benefits with a non-communicating digital meter. Fees cover the City Light's overhead, costs, ongoing maintenance, and meter reading related to the non-communicating digital meter and equipment.


Advanced Meter

Opt-out with
Non-communicating Digital Meter

Opt-out with
Non-communicating Digital Meter
Digital Meter if participating in the Utility Discount Program

View your daily electricity use*




Outage detection*




Remotely connecting your service*




One-time service and
administration fee




One-time installation fee per meter


NO CHARGE within two-week notice prior to scheduled meter installation

NO CHARGE within two-week notice prior to scheduled meter installation



$84.21 without
two-week notice

$33.68 without
two-week notice

Recurring billing cycle fee*


per future billing cycle

per future billing cycle

*When advanced meter system is fully automated.

**Income-qualified participants in the Utility Discount Program will receive a 60% discount.

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