Meter System Upgrades

Over the next several months, Seattle City Light will be performing system maintenance upgrades on 140,000 meters within the utility’s service area. This work will occur in phases and should not result in any interruption to your electric service. For additional information about Advanced Metering, please visit

If you experience an outage, please call (206) 684-3000 or (206) 684-7400 to report it in our system. You will need either the account number for the home/business or a phone number associated with the account.

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What is Advanced Metering?

Advanced Metering is a safe and proven technology that is widely used across the US. More than 500 utilities across the nation already use this technology, with 50 million advanced meters installed at 43 percent of American households (Institute for Electric Innovation, 2014).

How Does Advanced Metering Work?

Advanced meters will connect to homes and businesses and will collect customer energy-use information. The meters will provide automated wireless communication between the meter and the utility. This means that:
  • Advanced meters record customer energy-use information throughout the day, just as today’s meters do.
  • Customer energy-use information is sent several times a day to City Light using radio frequency waves. This is similar to the wireless communications used by cell phones and WiFi. The meters will transmit data for a maximum of 90 seconds per day.
  • Once the data is within City Light’s secure firewall, the information will be matched up with customer accounts for billing and other customer service activities.

Comparing Advanced Metering To Current Meters

Transitioning to advanced metering is like upgrading to a smart phone from a land line. Both technologies work, but the smart phone provides a better user experience and allows customers to stay more connected to what matters to them.

Current Meters Advanced Metering
  • Are manually read by meter readers every two months, creating a greater chance of billing errors and estimations.
  • Require meter readers to drive more than 200,000 miles annually to record customer data. This creates vehicle fuel costs and produces pollution from vehicle trips.
  • Cannot alert the utility to power outages (City Light currently relies on customer phone calls to know when the power is out).
  • Do not have built-in safety features.
  • Uses secure wireless communications to send energy-use information directly to City Light.
  • Enables customers to view their energy-use information daily. This will empower customers to make energy- and money- saving choices.
  • Alerts City Light to power outages, enabling a faster outage response.
  • Creates more reliable customer billing. Advanced Metering reduces several manual processes, helping to ensure meters are read correctly and customers are billed accurately every time.
  • Provides added safety features like sensors that can detect increasing temperatures.

Opting Out

Customers have the opportunity to opt out of receiving an advanced meter. Click here to learn more about the application process to opt out.

Need More Information?

  • Visit the Learning Library to read more about topics such as how we are protecting customer privacy and prioritizing the health and safety of our customers.
  • Visit the Benefits page to learn more about the many ways Advanced Metering will benefit customers and the utility.
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