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Advanced Metering Installers

Most of the advanced meters Seattle City Light is deploying will be installed by our meter installation vendor, Aclara. Installers will carry identification cards. They will knock on doors to let anyone who is home know the meter exchange is about to take place and will leave a door hanger after they complete their work. These are the men and women who are installing the meters. We will update this page throughout deployment.

Andrew C.
Andrew C. – Field Supervisor
Justin H.
Justin H. –
Field Supervisor
Kris M.
Kris M. -
Field Supervisor
Brian S.
Brian S. -
Field Supervisor
Van H.
Van H. –
Field Supervisor
Nathen H.
Nathen H. –
Field Supervisor
Salvador P.
Salvador P. -
Field Supervisor
Scott S.
Scott S. -
Field Supervisor
David T.
David T. –
Field Supervisor
Mike M.
Mike M. –
Field Supervisor
Jonathan R.
Jonathan R. -
Field Supervisor
Nikolay G.
Nikolay G. -
Field Supervisor
Sean V.
Sean V. –
Field Supervisor
Justin A.
Justin A. –
Field Supervisor
Nectaly B.
Nectaly B. – Installer
Shawn B.
Shawn B. – Installer
Joshua L.
Joshua L. – Installer
Taylor S.
Taylor S. – Installer
Jake A.
Jake A. – Installer
Rigoberto L.
Rigoberto L. – Installer
Razvan N.
Razvan N. – Installer
Fernando D.
Fernando D. – Installer
Dustin H.
Dustin H. – Installer
Danny F.
Danny F. – Installer
Cody B.
Cody B. – Installer
Onte M.
Onte M. - Installer
Alex B.
Alex B. – Installer
Jake C.
Jake C. – Installer
Max S.
Max S. – Installer
Justin Hill
Justin Hill - Installer
Blake B.
Blake B. - Installer
Chase H.
Chase H. - Installer
Colby H.
Colby H. - Installer
Alex R.
Alex R. - Installer
Collin S.
Collin S. - Installer
Paul C.
Paul C. -
Brian K.
Brian K. - Installer
Killian L.
Killian L. - Installer
Evan M.
Evan M. - Installer
Jed M.
Jed M. -
Jesus B.
Jesus B. - Installer
Brandon M.
Brandon M. - Installer
Josh J.
Josh J. - Installer
Ricardo B.
Ricardo B. - Installer
Michael K.
Michael K. - Installer
Todd B.
Todd B. - Installer
Troy L.
Troy L. -
Basil M.
Basil M. - Installer
Jomo W.
Jomo W. - Installer
Luis M.
Luis M. – Installer
Adan B.
Adan B. - Installer
Corey L.
Corey L. - Installer
Tim Y.
Tim Y. -
Stacey R.
Stacey R. - Installer
Steven P.
Steven P. - Installer
Ken T.
Ken T. -
Ivan V.
Ivan V. -
Kendred L.
Kendred L. – Installer
Joe V.
Joe V. -
Nick W.
Nick W. -
Todd H.
Todd H. – Installer
Brent C.
Brent C. – Installer
Edvin C.
Edvin C. - Installer
Gabe M.
Gabe M. -
Kenny W.
Kenny W. – Installer
Lee B.
Lee B. –

There is no charge for the installation of your new advanced meter.

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