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Advanced Metering Will Provide Customers With Many New Benefits. It Will:

  • Empower customers to make energy-saving choices. Advanced Metering will provide customers with daily updates on their energy-use. This can enable customers to make better informed energy- and money-saving decisions.
  • Improve customer service.

    • Faster outage detection and restoration: Advanced Metering will automatically report power outages to City Light, allowing us to respond and restore power faster.
    • More accurate billing: Advanced Metering will greatly reduce billing estimates that are occasionally needed today when a meter reader cannot access a meter for a manual read.
  • Reduce environmental impact. Customer energy-use will be automatically sent to City Light, reducing the need for meter reader vehicles on the road. We can eliminate up to 72 tons of CO2 emissions per year.


Advanced Metering will help us monitor for outages, voltage issues and equipment problems across our entire distribution network. This will help City Light operate the system more efficiently and catch issues before they become problems. Advanced Metering can:
  • Help us better monitor and manage the distribution grid.
  • Provide new safety features such as sensors that can detect heat-related issues.
  • Reduce energy theft with an alert that is sent to the utility at the first sign of tampering.
All of these added benefits will help us save time and resources, which can help keep costs low and stable for customers.

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