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Benefits of Advanced Metering
Advanced meters will bring new functionality to our operations and our customers.

Faster outage detection and restoration

When the power goes out, we depend on telephone calls from customers who have lost power. With that information, we can start troubleshooting, but that involves dispatching crews to patrol the lines looking for the cause.

With Advanced Metering, the affected meters will send a message to our system control center that they have lost power. This helps us pinpoint the location of the problem and restore power in a more timely and efficient manner.

Greater control over electricity use

Currently, customers receive a bill from City Light that shows their consumption for the previous sixty days with no context as to when the energy was used or what it was used by. Advanced Metering will give customers the option of seeing their energy use in near-real time. Not only can this help control energy use, it may be able to help customers identify problems with their electrical system, such as a malfunctioning electric water heater, that would only show up when they received an unusually high bill.

More Accurate Billing

With over 420,000 electrical meters in our service territory, manual reading inevitably leads to mistakes and estimations. This causes inconvenience to our customers and drives up operating costs by having to correct the bills. Advanced Metering eliminates several manual processes and helps ensure that meters get read and billed correctly every time.

Reduced pollution from City Light vehicles

In 2012 City Light Meter Readers put in 164,624 miles, mostly in their own cars, to read meters. That represents 59.1 tons of CO2 and over $90,000 in mileage reimbursements.

Advanced Metering's outage notification function will also save on mileage for our line service trucks by providing more accurate outage predictions, and giving us information on potential trouble spots before problems occur.

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