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Benefits To Customers

Advanced Metering will provide many new benefits to customers. It will:
  • Empower customers to make energy-saving choices. With new tools enabling them to see their energy-use information in near real-time, customers will be in the driver’s seat, empowered to make energy- and cost-saving decisions. Customers may also be able to identify potential problems with their home electrical system, such as a broken electric water heater, that today would only show up in an unusually high bill.

  • Improve customer service. Advanced Metering will help City Light pinpoint outage locations so that crews can be promptly dispatched, saving valuable time and quickly restoring power to homes and businesses.

  • Reduce pollution. Meter readers today drive more than 200,000 miles around the service area annually to record customer data. That represents about 72.3 tons of CO2 and more than $113,000 in vehicle fuel costs. With fewer meter-reading vehicles on the road, City Light can spend less on fuel and less on carbon offsets, producing savings that will help keep rates low for customers for years to come.

  • Conserve natural resources. Advanced Metering will also help City Light understand how much power is distributed and how much is needed to keep on reserve. With more knowledge about the system, the utility can use resources more efficiently and conserve water used to generate electricity.

Improving Utility Efficiency

The new meters also create improved efficiencies for the utility. Advanced Metering can:
  • Help City Light better monitor and manage the electric grid service. Advanced Metering will help City Light remotely detect things like overloaded transformers or distribution lines and power outages.

  • Provide new safety features. The new meters will come with sensors that can detect increases in temperature at the meter base.
These added benefits will help the utility save time, money and resources, which in turn will keep costs low and stable for customers.

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