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How to Read Your Electric Meter

We've tried to take some of the mystery out of reading your electric meter with this explanation. If you still have questions, please call us at 206.684.3000

The dials are like watch faces in a row (every other dial moves counterclockwise).

  Notice that when the pointer is between two numbers, record the lower of the two numbers.

Example 1:
Meter diagram

When the pointer seems to be directly on a number (dial B in both examples seem to point to "6"), look at the dial to the right (dial C). If that pointer has not yet passed"0", (dial C in example 1), record the lower number, or "5" on dial B.

But if the pointer on the dial to the right has passed "0" (dial C in example 2), record the number the pointer is on, or "6" on dial B.

Example 2:
Meter diagram

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  For more information, please call a Utility Service Representative at 206.684.3000.
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