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City Light Comprehensive Rate Adjustment
Effective January 1, 2007

Percentage Change in Rates
Class Seattle Network Suburbs Tukwila Total
Residential - 6.2%   - 3.0% - 1.0% - 5.4%
Residential Low Income - 5.6%   - 1.9% - 0.5%  
Small General Service - 5.9% - 5.9% - 3.4% - 4.4% - 5.6%
Medium General Service -17.0% - 9.9% -12.2% -13.3% -14.8%
Large General Service -12.3% - 5.2% - 6.7% - 7.6% - 8.8%
High Demand General Service -14.6%     -13.0% -14.3%
Streetlights 60.8%        
Average         - 8.4%

Major Rate Changes
  1. Rate Stability: One set of rates effective for both 2007 and 2008.
  2. Cost of Service: No subsidies for any rate classes except low-income residential.
  3. Residential Rates: Return to two-block structure from three blocks.
  4. Large and High Demand General Service Rates:
    • Higher demand charges
    • Larger differential between peak and off-peak energy charges
    • Schedules eliminated: Variable Rate, High Demand Interruptible, and New Large Load General Service
  5. New Rate Schedule RDC - Reserved Distribution Capacity: Non-residential customers located in areas where there is adequate distribution capacity may request that City Light reserve capacity to meet their loads on a circuit which is different from their normal service circuit. Such customers will pay a charge of $0.23 per kW of monthly maximum demand, in addition to their normal demand charges.
Principal Changes to Provisions
  1. Notice Required for Tenant Move-In/Move-Out: Responsibilities of the landlord and tenant for notification of City Light and payment for electric service on account closure are clarified. The property owner may be charged for the tenant's use of electricity if proper notice has not been provided to City Light. Proper notice is defined as within 10 working days of start and end dates of tenant's occupancy. (See SMC 21.49.100 , B and C)
  2. Submetering: Still not permitted generally, but where expressly permitted by City Light, requirements have been established. Such requirements include inspection and approval, compliance with national standards, and accuracy testing and maintenance records. (See SMC 21.49.100 , H, 3)
  3. Master metering: Still prohibited in most cases, but standards are clarified regarding where it is permitted. The existence of alternative laundry or dining arrangement for residents of multiple-dwelling buildings, in addition to such facilities within individual dwelling units, is not grounds for exemption from the prohibition. However, the prohibition does not apply to multiple-dwelling buildings where the residents do not live independently. (See SMC 21.49.110 , E)
  4. Letter of Credit or Cash Deposit for New or Enlarged Services: Customers eligible for billing under City Light's Large or High Demand General Service rate schedules who are authorized by City Light to install a new or enlarged service must obtain a letter of credit or make a cash deposit in the amount of the material and labor costs of transformers and associated equipment before City Light approves the service for connection. If the maximum kilowatt demand for the majority of normal annual billings of such services reaches at least 80% of the demand requested by the customer within three years of the approval of the service for connection, the customer will not be obligated to pay for the costs of transformers and associated equipment other than through normal rates. If, however, the maximum demand does not reach the level required within those three years, the customer will be required to reimburse City Light directly for the costs of the transformers and associated equipment that were installed. (See SMC 21.49.110 , X)
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         Rates Home  |  Current Rates: Map  List
Rates History:  Summary Table   Detail

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