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Lighting Seattle since 1905 Jorge Carrasco, Superintendent
Light, Power & Pride

Program History and Process Summary

An honored tradition since 1984, Light Power and Pride is Seattle City Light's most celebrated employee recognition program. This year's Light, Power and Pride Awards Ceremony recognizing the winners and nominees was held on December 4, 2008 at the Bell Harbor Conference Center.

The awards strengthen the partnership between management, employees and the bonds between the City of Seattle and our City Light customers. City Light's Vision, Mission & Values is the guiding principle for the annual recognition program:

  • To set the standard and deliver the best customer service experience of any utility in the nation.
  • To be dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations in producing and delivering environmentally responsible, safe, low cost and reliable power.
  • To aspire to excellence, accountability, trust and stewardship.

Thus, the focus of the employee recognition event is to:

  • Provide a visible, powerful way to communicate and reinforce the behavior and outcome that is most important to the success of Seattle City Light.
  • Encourage high productivity within the context of excellence to our customers.
  • Encourage and support the achievement of collaborative work groups and teams.
  • Support efforts that result in an improved working environment.
  • And encourage creativity, innovation and initiative.

Human Resources is the executive sponsor for the awards program, however, the nomination and selection process, and event planning process is led by a committee of dedicated City Light employees.

Nomination and Selection Committee

  • Executive Office
    Gary Maehara, Legal Advisor

  • Human Resources
    Ayreen Calimquim, Employee Outreach
    Anna-Lyn Hurlbut, Employment

  • Power Supply & Environmental Affairs
    Vonnie Polomis, Power Production (Skagit)
    Nicole Ulacky, Environmental Affairs
    Deloris Marks, Utility Support Services Division

  • Financial Services
    Mark Mikkelson, Budget Office
    Jeff Johnson, Financial Services

  • Customer Service and Energy Delivery
    Tanya Panomvana, Network Design Engineer
    Dawn Nelson, Field Operations
    John Kain, Energy Delivery and Operations
    Cynthia Stahlecker, Power Production
    Rob Myers, Energy Delivery Operations

Event Planning Committe

  • Communication & Public Affairs
    Lois Boubong, Communications and Public Affairs

  • Power Supply & Environmental Affairs
    Marsha Brown, Conservation Resources

  • Financial Services
    Tricia Ellermeier, Financial Planning

  • Human Resources
    Ayreen Calimquim, Employee Outreach
    Linda Hang, Human Resources
    Kin Trang, Human Resources
    Vickie Lee, Human Resources

2008 Light, Power and Pride Award Winners

JD Ross Leadership Award
Powerline Clearance Program
Karen Bjerkness, Dave Ingam, and Vicki Kennedy (not pictured)

JD Ross Leadership Award
Marlene Flynn, Information Technology
Eyvind Westby, Financial Planning (not pictured)

No Photo Available
Savvy Money Saver Award
Power Production Team
Dave Daniel, Joe Greene, Del Grotle, Terry Lovell

Superintendent's Crew of the Year Award
Civil Construction Crew C
Robert Beckwith, Cliff Easley, Patrick Hammond, William Jones, Kristopher McClaskey,
Bradley Montemayor, Sean Reid, Ryan Schoeneman, Bryan Scott, Timothy Sullivan

Effective Team Builder Award
Toni LeClare, Power Production

Change Management through Creativity and Innovation Award
Suzanne Hartman, Communications
DaVonna Johnson, Human Resources
Mike Yaley, Risk Management

Change Management through Creativity and Innovation Award
Wholesale Revenue Team
Brud Easton, Nick Dreyer, Kirsty Granger, Carsten Croff

"Unsung Hero" Excellent Customer Service Award
Chief Power Dispatchers
Dana Wheelock and Pawel Krupa

"Unsung Hero" Excellent Customer Service Award
Power Management Administrative Specialists
Sharon Hardy, Terry LaFave, Shirley Louie

"Unsung Hero" Excellent Customer Service Award
Tessie Angeles, Security and Emergency Preparedness

"Unsung Hero" Excellent Customer Service Award
Chung-I Lin, Energy Delivery Engineering

"Unsung Hero" Excellent Customer Service Award
Susan Biggs, Information Technology Services

"Unsung Hero" Excellent Customer Service Award
June Jacobson, Energy Delivery Asset Management

"Unsung Hero" Excellent Customer Service Award
Michael Morrison, Utility Support Services

No Photo Available
"Unsung Hero" Excellent Customer Service Award
Peter Clarke, Communications
Carol De Leon-Ramirez, Real Estate

Operational Excellence Award
Jon Lutton, Financial Planning

Operational Excellence Award
Richard Murphy, Energy Delivery Engineering

Operational Excellence Award
Walt Aho, Energy Delivery Operations

Operational Excellence Award
Son Nguyen, Information Technology Services

Workplace Safety and Environmental Sustainability Award
Karen Dinehart, Environmental Affairs

Race and Social Justice Award
Shanna Crutchfield, Corporate Performance

2008 Light, Power and Pride Awards Celebration

Some of the members from the 2008 Light Power and Pride Nomination
and Selection Committee and Event Planning Committee

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