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Project Details Information

Release Date: 11/13/2013
Contact: Shelby Calipes - Electrical Service Representative
phone: (206) 386-1635
Alternate Contact: -
Work planned on: Chinatown-Int'l District: 1st Hill Streetcar

Seattle City Light needs to provide service to the First Hill Streetcar maintenance yard site at 701 S Dearborn Street. The work would energize the facility and allow the streetcar to be maintained. City Light has done everything to reduce the impacts of this work, but power must be turned off for 8 hours, so crews can safely pull underground electrical cable into a vault at that location. The boundaries of this outage can be found on the following map.

Project Overview:

  • An 8-hour outage will take place on Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 10 p.m.
  • Crews will be pulling and splicing cable at the vault on 701 S Dearborn Street
  • Streetlights and traffic lights will be affected in the area
  • Uniformed police officers will be at each of the traffic lights to provide and maintain safe travel
  • Other electrical infrastructure had been installed (e.g. pad mounted transformer) in preparation for making these final connections in the vault
  • The outage must happen for crews to safely work in that vault

Outage Tips are available in the following languages: English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Schedule: November 23, 2013
Begin: November 23, 2013
Duration: 8 hours
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Call (206) 684-3000

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