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Release Date: 6/20/2014
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Work planned on: 2014 Pole Replacement Projects

Seattle City Light will be replacing aging utility poles throughout its service territory in 2014 to upgrade electrical reliability. Daily work hours are 7 a.m. 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

City Lights contractor, Potelco, will be replacing a portion of the poles. In addition to installing the new poles, crews will relocate the old poles electrical wires to the new poles and replace some of the aging equipment. The transition to the new equipment may result in as many as two power outages for up to five hours long. If an outage is planned, we will leave a door hanger (approximately 48 hours) in advance specifying the date and duration of the outage.

The new poles will meet standard heights required for overhead power line construction. This may mean that poles in your area will be taller than existing poles.

Why new taller poles?
  • Taller poles are needed to meet safety requirements for higher voltage electricity.
  • Proper clearances between power lines are required so that crews can work safely and efficiently when performing repairs.
  • Minimum clearances from the communication lines of other utilities are required.
  • Taller poles provide minimum height clearances for service lines to individual homes.

Once City Lights electrical equipment is relocated to the new poles, the other utility companies will have to transfer their equipment to the new poles and then remove the old poles. City Light will monitor the situation to ensure the old poles are removed.

10/21/2014 Update: Additional poles have been added to the contract. For that reason, the new completion date for this project is January 2015.

Schedule: 2014
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