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Project Details Information

Release Date: 7/9/2013
Contact: Andrew Misoda - Electrical Service Representative
phone: 206-386-1683
Alternate Contact: -
Work planned on: Lake Shore Drive S. (near Seward Park)

Seattle City Light plans to increase the capacity of the electrical system along several streets southwest of Seward Park. The work is necessary to provide service to an individual customer who has requested and will pay for the design and construction of the project.

Project Overview:

The existing one-phase (single line) service would be replaced with three-phase (three lines) service. Thirteen replacement poles will also be installed in approximately the same locations as existing poles. (see Seward Park Pole Replacement Map)

What You Can Expect:

  • Taller poles in some areas.
  • Seven of the replacement poles will remain at the same elevation. Six of the poles will be taller by 5-10 feet.
  • Poles will be laid in the public right-of-way within a week.
  • The taller poles are required to meet new electrical standards and to incorporate room for the extra wire. The poles will be framed to accommodate the new wires and existing equipment (e.g. transformers) will be relocated to the replacement poles.
  • Planned power outages so crews can safely do the work.
  • There will be up to (but no more than) two planned outages and NOT on consecutive days.
  • Notification will take place 48 hours before the outage.
  • Each outage may last about two to six hours.
  • Work runs mid-November for eight weeks and work hours are 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • There will be some traffic and parking disruptions in the immediate work area. Crews will do their best to maintain access to driveways.

10/18/2013 Update: The request for three-phase service has been canceled, so Seattle City Light will not be constructing the proposed project.

Schedule: mid-November for 8 weeks
Begin: mid-November
Duration: 8 weeks
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Call (206) 684-3000

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