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Release Date: 5/10/2013
Contact: Michael Danielsen - Senior Project Manager
phone: 206-684-3907
Alternate Contact: Frank Tsuboi - Project Assistant
phone: 206-615-1753
Work planned on: Elliott Bay Seawall Project -- Utility Relocation

What is the Elliott Bay Seawall Project?

The Elliott Bay Seawall Project will replace the existing seawall--from S. Washington Street to Broad Street--with a structure that meets current safety and design standards.

The Elliott Bay Seawall Project is a critical public safety project. Failure of the seawall would have significant impacts to the public, the City of Seattle, the Puget Sound region, Washington State, and the nation. Protection from coastal storm damage and shoreline erosion is vital to preserving Seattle's downtown, the economy, and the region's quality of life and economic competitiveness. The Elliott Bay seawall:

  • Protects Seattle's downtown waterfront from wind-driven storm waves and the erosive tidal forces of Puget Sound and Elliott Bay.
  • Supports and protects major public and private utilities, including power for downtown Seattle and the western seaboard, natural gas, and telecommunications.
  • Supports State Route 99, the ferry terminal, and rail lines, all of which transport local commuters and visitors as well as local, regional, and international freight.

For more information, please visit: Waterfront Seattle

Schedule: See Website
Begin: Late 2013
Duration: Fall 2016
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