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Project Details Information

Release Date: 4/4/2013
Contact: Steve Byers - Project Manager
phone: 206-684-3637
Alternate Contact: -
Work planned on: Northgate Fiber Optics Relocation
  • Relocate fiber optic lines away from Sound Transits excavation for the light rail portal near Northgate
  • Replace old poles with slightly taller, three inch wider new poles
  • Rehang wire and transformers along with new fiber optic duct
  • City Light crews will be doing the work
  • Mid-April to mid-June 2013
  • Daily work hours are 7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m., Monday - Friday
  • Old poles do not meet current standards
  • Fiber optics will maintain system reliability by carrying data between critical City Light facilities
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requirement
  • Relocation is part of Sound Transit's Northgate Link Extension of light rail
What you can expect:
  • There will be a power outage as electrical equipment is transferred to poles
  • Customers will be notified in advance of a planned outage
  • Crews will work one pole at a time
  • Traffic and parking will be restricted near that location
  • Original pole will be removed once all third-party utilities have been transferred to the new pole

9/16/2013 Update (Fiber Optics):This work has been completed..

Schedule: mid-April to mid-June
Begin: mid-April
Duration: 8 weeks
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