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Release Date: 7/30/2012
Contact: Tyson Lin - Community Relations
phone: (206) 684-3026
Alternate Contact: Martin Albers - Project Resident Engineer
phone: (206) 423-2602
Work planned on: Denny Way Environmental Remediation Project

Seattle City Light begins an environmental remediation (cleanup) project at 1250 Denny Way in August 2012. This notice includes information about the work and contacts for the project.

In 2009, City Light purchased the 1250 Denny Way property for a proposed substation to serve the South Lake Union area. City Light was aware that cleanup of the property would be necessary due to historical leakage from underground storage tanks, and that to accomplish the cleanup, demolition of existing structures would be required.

The environmental cleanup will occur in 2 phases. Phase I is scheduled to start mid-August and last through October 2012. This first phase of work includes removing hazardous building materials, salvaging and recycling useable building materials, demolishing the remaining structures, removing underground storage tanks, sampling soils, installing erosion control measures to prepare for wet weather, and fencing to secure the site.

Construction will be suspended during wet months (November-March). Phase 2 will resume construction starting in April, 2013 and continue through October, 2013. This phase includes excavating contaminated soils, installing shoring, transporting soil for disposal off-site, backfilling excavated areas with clean material, and restoring streets and sidewalks. During Phase 2 temporary street closures will be needed in parts of John and Pontius Streets. Adjacent parking lots will be used for construction staging. Additional information will be provided prior to the start of Phase 2.

Please visit the Denny Substation Project Page for the latest updates regarding the environmental remediation process.

Schedule: Phase 1: Aug-Oct 2012; Phase 2: Apr-Oct 2013
Begin: mid-August 2012
Duration: 14 months
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