Seattle City Light LARRY WEIS, Interim General Manager and CEO
City Light crew

Project Details Information

Release Date: 4/16/2013
Contact: Roy Carbonell - Residential Electrical Service Representative
phone: (206) 386-1692
Alternate Contact: John Harvey - Commercial Electrical Service Representative
phone: (206) 386-4275
Work planned on: First Hill Infrastructure Improvement

Seattle City Light must replace aging wooden poles and upgrade wire to improve system reliability and meet expected load growth. The present wire must be replaced with larger wire and accessories.

The power line (feeder) runs from our East Pine Substation at 23rd Avenue and Pine south along 22nd Avenue E to East Columbia, then west to Boylston and then northwest to Seneca. See project map here.

Customers may experience outages, but all will be with advance notification.

12/5/2013 Update: An outage is scheduled for December 15, which will affect Swedish Cherry Hill campus. All affected customers have been notified.

Schedule: June 2012 through mid-October 2013
Begin: June 2012
Duration: Sixteen months
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Call (206) 684-3000

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