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Project Details Information

Release Date: 8/3/2010
Contact: Mark VanOss - Sr. Public Relations Specialist
phone: (206) 684-3279
Alternate Contact: Senait Telahun - Project Manager
phone: (206) 615-0629
Work planned on: 900 North 34th Street Underground Improvement

Overview of Entire Project: To promote reliable electrical service, larger and more extensive underground wiring will be placed. The project area extends between North 34th Street and North 35th Street on Woodland Park Ave. North and between Stone Way North and Troll Ave. North under the Aurora Bridge) on North 34th Street. Advance notification will be given to those customers involved for planned power outages. This project will not impact the Burke-Gilman Trail.

7/29/2011 Update: Seattle City Light has finished the civil construction phase of this project. This means that building the underground system of vaults and ducts is completed. Questions regarding Seattle Department of Transportation's (SDOT) current paving project can be referred to SDOT's Project Manager, Jessica Murphy, at (206) 684-0178

Schedule: approximately October through June
Duration: through June, 2011
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