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Project Details Information

Release Date: 5/19/2011
Contact: Mark VanOss - Sr. Public Relations Specialist
phone: (206) 684-3279
Alternate Contact: Emily Burns - Sr. Capital Projects Coordinator
phone: (206) 733-9972
Work planned on: Washington Park Arboretum: LED Streetlights

Project Overview: Planned replacement of old underground electrical cable and the streetlights it serves along Lake Washington Boulevard in the Washington Park Arboretum with new cable, light poles, and energy-efficient LED streetlights.

10/25/2012 Update: There are 53 streetlights that are fully operational and old poles have been removed north of E. Interlaken Blvd. We ran into issues which have slowed the project at the most southern tip including the discovery of buried roadway, bricks, and old water pipes. We also faced limitations due to lane closures and worked through a delay in obtaining handholes (the small access vaults for streetlight maintenance). We now anticipate completion of the remaining 20 streetlights by October 30, given no further complications.

Schedule: June 2010 - October 2012
Begin: June 21, 2010
Duration: 24 months
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