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Release Date: 2/5/2010
Contact: Mark VanOss - Public Affairs
phone: 206-684-3279
Alternate Contact: -
Work planned on: Western Avenue and University Street
1/21/10 UPDATE: A 140-foot section of high-voltage electrical line is being replaced on Western Ave. from University Street north towards the Union Street Substation. The old, damaged line was removed on 1/11 and the new line placed in the trench on 1/12/2010. Splicing in the new section began 1/13.2010 and is expected to be completed tonight, followed by testing, backfilling the trench and restoring the street surface. The two temporary shelters where the line was being spliced will be removed Saturday, 1/23/2010. After final testing, the line could be re-energized as soon as 1/26/2010. Seattle Police officers remain on-site providing traffic control. 1/26/10 UPDATE: The new transmission line is in place and has been tested and re-energized. On Thursday and Friday, 1/28/2010 & 1/29/2010, crews will backfill the street in preparation for Seattle Department of Transportation's resurfacing.

2/5/10 UPDATE: City Light has completed its emergency work and the transmission line has been re-energized. SDOT is doing the final street restoration.

Schedule: 24 hours a day until completion
Duration: end of January
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