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Release Date:
12/5/2017 E. Union St./11th Ave: Prep for Undergrounding
11/15/2017 3rd Ave S & S Washington St Vault Lid Repair
10/24/2017 Blue Ridge Pilot Streetlight Project
9/21/2017 N.Beacon Hill Electric Vehicle Charging Station
8/3/2017 Harvard Ave between East Pine St & East Union St
7/28/2017 Streetcar--1st Ave. South and South Jackson Street
7/27/2017 Streetlight Repair on McGilvra Boulevard East
7/14/2017 South Washington Street Infrastructure Improvement
7/6/2017 42nd Avenue South Conduit and Vault Repair
5/18/2017 SODO Electrical System Upgrades
5/12/2017 8th and Virginia Emergency Repair Work
5/11/2017 First Hill Streetlight Repairs
4/25/2017 I-5 Power Line Work (NE 125th Street)
4/24/2017 1720 12th Avenue Reliability Upgrade
4/17/2017 Streetcar--South Main Street Reliability Upgrade
2/28/2017 2nd Avenue & Bell Street Duct Bank Installation
1/31/2017 Brighton Substation Environmental Cleanup
1/10/2017 Chinatown-International District Improvements
1/6/2017 Street Car--S. Washington St. Reliability Upgrade
12/19/2016 Electrical Improvements Along Harrison Street
11/22/2016 Utility Pole Upgrades to Support Advanced Metering
10/24/2016 10th Avenue & East Union Street Conduit Repair
8/15/2016 6th Avenue & Cherry Street Duct Bank Installation
8/11/2016 Summit Slope Park Duct Bank/Vault Installation
7/7/2016 Brace Point Conduit Installation: Surveying
6/29/2016 Lake Forest Park Cable Injection
6/6/2016 French Creek Transmission Poles
6/2/2016 Newhalem Penstock Saddle Replacement
5/9/2016 Minor Avenue Duct Bank Installation
4/13/2016 51st Avenue NE Duct Bank Installation
4/11/2016 Nord Alley Infrastructure Improvements
2/9/2016 Blue Ridge Conduit Installation: Phase I
2/4/2016 2017 Utility Pole Replacement Projects
12/17/2015 1366 31st Avenue South
12/10/2015 Ballard Bridge Streetlight Inspection
10/23/2015 NE 45th Street at Brooklyn Avenue NE Alley
10/7/2015 Yesler Bridge Power Lines Undergrounding
10/6/2015 Taylor Ave. N/Harrison St. Conduit Connection
10/5/2015 West Comstock Streetlight Repair
9/11/2015 Silicone Cable Injection Projects - 2015
6/29/2015 North Seattle Pole Replacement
6/15/2015 East Pine Substation Upgrade
5/15/2015 SODO Overhead Reliability Upgrade
4/23/2015 Street Light System Improvements in Holly Park
4/3/2015 Fiber Optic Upgrade/SR 99 Rolling Slowdowns
3/31/2015 Arterial LED Streetlight Conversions
1/26/2015 Laurelhurst Webster Point Electrical Improvements
1/9/2015 51st Avenue NE
10/25/2014 6th Avenue North Alley
8/22/2014 H-Frame Replacement
6/25/2014 Bothell Substation Sewer Improvement
6/23/2014 Leschi Conduit Installation Project
6/20/2014 2014 Pole Replacement Projects
6/10/2014 East Denny Way at East Broadway
5/9/2014 Laurelhurst Electric Cable Replacement
4/25/2014 Melrose Avenue Infrastructure Construction
1/23/2014 1st Avenue South Duct Bank
12/20/2013 NE NorthLake Way and 4th Avenue NE
11/13/2013 Chinatown-Int'l District: 1st Hill Streetcar
11/2/2013 S Washington Between 3rd Ave S and 4th Ave S
9/26/2013 Leschi Area: South of East Cherry St on 28th Ave
9/26/2013 3rd Avenue North of Pine Street
9/6/2013 East Boston Street and Terrace
8/26/2013 Hillcrest Cable Injection
8/8/2013 Streetlight System Improvements in Rainier Vista
7/25/2013 11th Avenue Improvements (South of E. Pike Street)
7/12/2013 3rd and Columbia Duct Bank
7/11/2013 Cable Replacement Near Leschi Elementary School
7/9/2013 Lake Shore Drive S. (near Seward Park)
6/17/2013 Burien/Bryn Mawr Pole Replacement
6/5/2013 Mount Baker: Shoreland Dr. S to S Andover St.
5/17/2013 Meadowbrook Estates Cable Injection Project
5/10/2013 Shoreline Pole Replacement
4/16/2013 First Hill Infrastructure Improvement
4/4/2013 Northgate Fiber Optics Relocation
3/29/2013 North Substation Transformer Replacement
3/8/2013 High Point Street Light Upgrade
3/8/2013 Broadmoor Cable Injection
2/26/2013 Denny Blaine Streetlight Replacement
2/21/2013 Morningside Substation Clean Up
1/15/2013 Lake Forest Park Pole Replacement
1/13/2013 Ambaum Boulevard Cable Injection Project
12/21/2012 James Street and 2nd Avenue Alley
8/14/2012 Carkeek Park Neighborhood
7/30/2012 Denny Way Environmental Remediation Project
7/27/2012 Innis Arden/The Highlands Cable Injection Project
11/22/2011 Laurelhurst Electric Cable Replacement
10/11/2011 N. Shoreline Underground Cable Improvement
10/6/2011 Dedicated Feeder: Tunnel Boring Machine
8/18/2011 North Portal (east of Seattle Center)
8/15/2011 Mercer Street
8/4/2011 Barton Pump Station Near Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal
6/28/2011 Drilling Test Holes near Central Waterfront
5/19/2011 Southwest Roxbury Street
5/17/2011 McGilvra-Denny/Blaine
3/4/2011 Seattle Children's Hospital Data Center
2/23/2011 LED Streetlights: 65th Street to North Seattle
2/15/2011 Eastside Transmission Line
10/25/2010 Gatewood Hills in West Seattle
8/3/2010 900 North 34th Street Underground Improvement
4/16/2010 1st South on-ramp: South Spokane Street Viaduct
2/10/2010 Queen Anne Hill
2/5/2010 Western Avenue and University Street
9/16/2009 Diablo Powerhouse, Diablo in Whatcom County
8/24/2009 Relamping Mercer St. to 65th St., Puget Sound to L
8/24/2009 East Marginal Way, Duwamish Avenue South - South S
9/21/2006 Third Avenue Alley between Lenora and Blanchard
6/23/2006 Northgate
4/5/2006 Madison St. and 2nd Alley
4/3/2006 1st Alley Union to Pike
4/3/2006 Madison and 2nd Alley
4/3/2006 Washington St. & Occidental Ave
4/3/2006 Washington St. & Occidental Alley
4/1/2006 Yesler and Occidental Alley to 2nd Avenue Alley
4/1/2006 8th Alley and Pine
4/1/2006 8th Avenue Lenora and Westlake
3/2/2006 Laurelhurst
3/2/2006 Boylston Avenue East
10/13/2005 Seaview Avenue Northwest from Northwest 60th to No
9/12/2005 between Canal Substation and 15th Ave NW on NW 46t
8/4/2005 Thomas Street and Elliott Avenue
6/10/2005 West Side of Elliott Avenue from West Mercer to De
5/31/2005 W. Thomas Street between Broad Street and Broad Su
4/6/2005 15th Avenue Northeast Alley between 47th and 50th
3/7/2005 1st Avenue Alley and Cherry Street
3/3/2005 510 3rd Avenue
3/3/2005 9th Avenue and Jefferson
3/1/2005 3rd Avenue Lenora Street and Blanchard Street
3/1/2005 North Side of Madison Street and 2nd Avenue Alley
3/1/2005 3rd Avenue and Seneca Street
3/1/2005 Post Alley, between Union and University Streets
2/28/2005 5th Avenue between Battery Street and Wall Street
2/28/2005 2nd Avenue Alley and Yesler Way
2/28/2005 2nd Avenue Alley and Cherry Street.
2/28/2005 819 Virgina Street 9th Avenue and Virgina
2/28/2005 159 Denny Way
2/28/2005 Broad Substation Annex Tunnel
2/28/2005 1st Ave Alley North of Union
10/13/2004 Southwest Admiral Way and California Avenue Southw
2/2/2004 Admiral Way-California Avenue
4/2/2003 Pedestrian Lighting - Pike Street between Boren Av
4/2/2003 South Seattle Industrial Park
4/2/2003 Bellevue Avenue Between Pine and Pike
4/2/2003 First Hill - East Pine Substation
4/2/2003 Rainier Avenue South, South Cloverdale and 57th St
4/2/2003 Beacon Avenue South College to South Hinds
1/8/2002 Fauntleroy Way Southwest to Southwest Roxbury to S
3/20/2001 East Marginal Way South, 3rd Avenue South to South
3/6/2001 10000 West Marginal Place South
2/7/2001 6th Avenue South between South Horton and Royal Br

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