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Lighting Seattle since 1905 Jorge Carrasco, Superintendent


Seattle City Light's 2001 Artist-In-Residence, photographer Lyn McCracken, compiled a photographic record that pays tribute to the Utility's skilled trades workers. Working entirely in black-and-white, McCracken's photos capture the gritty essence of the skilled trades and the dedicated professionals who perform them. Her 6-month residency ended in September 2001, but she has left behind a legacy of material that will remain for future generations. The images below show samples of her work organized by month.

Lyn holds a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts and a MFA from Mills College. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Bay Area and Northwest. In the past five years she has been photographing the built environment and exploring its monumental quality. Her interest is "the memory of the building, the people who built it, what took place, it's purpose, and asking an audience to contemplate these concerns."

September Images
Exterior Sluicegate Repair, September 2001
Exterior Sluicegate
Interior Sluicegate Repair, September 2001
Interior Sluicegate
Interior Wheelhouse, September 2001
Interior Wheelhouse
Running Line #1, September 2001
Running Line #1
Utility Truck, September 2001
Utility Truck
Building Transformer Platform, September 2001
Building Transformer
Pulling Line, September 2001
Pulling Line
Running Line #2, September 2001
Running Line #2
Lineworker, September 2001
Breaking Ground for Utility Pole, September 2001
Breaking Ground
Utility Pole
Pole Markings, September 2001
Pole Markings
Utility Pole Placement, September 2001
Utility Pole

August images:
Welders, August 2001 Preparing Underground Floor, August 2001 Pole Climber, August 2001 Reconnecting Electricity, August 2001
Underground Vault, August 2001 Vault V629, August 2001 Boundary Dam Facing Canada, August 2001 Boundary Dam, August 2001
Control Center, August 2001 Poles, August 2001 Meters, August 2001 Welding Rod, August 2001
5,000 Volts Glove Test, August 2001 Inflated Glove Test, August 2001 Paint Shop, August 2001 Servo Motor Repair, August 2001
  Pole Butt Shrinker, August 2001 Boundary Dam, August 2001  
July images:
Preparing for Underground, July 2001 Insulators, July 2001 Line Running Through Underground Vault, July 2001
Heatshrinking Cover, July 2001 Running Line, July 2001 Removing Asbestos, July 2001
June images:
Installing Conduit, June 2001 Installing Cross Arm, June 2001 Installing Breaker, June 2001
April images:
Breaker, April 2001 Turbine, April 2001 Wires, April 2001

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