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Brochures You Can Print

Seattle City Light offers brochures on a variety of topics. You can view them on-line and print your own copies. If you prefer that we mail you copies, please e-mail your request to or call (206) 684-3000 to request copies from a utility representative.

The following brochures are available:

About Us

Light Years: Brief History of Seattle City Light and Public Power
(Adobe PDF, 129K)    Brochure Description

Skagit Tours  (Adobe PDF, 2,336K)   
Brochure Description

Walk Historic Newhalem  (Adobe PDF, 1,588K)   
Brochure Description

Your Account

Payment Assistance, Payment Options and Conservation Tips
(Adobe PDF, 96K)    Brochure Description & Translated versions

Automatic Bill Payment for Residential and Commercial Customers
(Adobe PDF, 433K)    Brochure Description

Budget Billing for Residential and Small Business (General Service) Customers  (Adobe PDF, 74K)    Brochure Description

Your Electrical Service

Working Safely Near Overhead & Underground Power Lines (for Contractors and Residential Customers)  (Adobe PDF, 35K)   
Brochure Description

Power Outage and Emergency Preparedness Tips  (Adobe PDF, 35K)    Brochure Description & Translated versions

Your Electric Meter  (Adobe PDF, 1,049K)
Brochure Description

The Right Tree Book  (Adobe PDF, 1,242K)
Brochure Description

About Residential Energy Conservation

Your Electric Appliances  (Adobe PDF, 4,864K)
Brochure Description

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Selector Tool  (Adobe PDF, 500K)   
Brochure Description

Home Lighting Guide  (Adobe PDF, 1,989K)   
Brochure Description

Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit  (Adobe PDF, 3,748K)
Brochure Description

Multifamily Conservation Opportunities  (Adobe PDF, 5.20K)
Brochure Description

Small Commercial Energy Conservation Services
(Adobe PDF, 1.70K)     Brochure Description

For more conservation information visit to our Fact Sheets.

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Strategic Plan
Highlights the progress the utility is making.

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